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Being a fan of all things medieval, I wanted to express my feelings as might a knight who has found the maiden he wished to woo. May all men of honor find such a love as I have.

One Knight's Passion

There is no dragon's fiery breath
No black knight's sword dealing death
No creature of the land or sea
Could keep me from possessing thee
There is no thing that I could find
Not strong ale nor sweet wine
Even Merlin's herbs and such
Pale beside my lady's touch
There is no rose could smell so sweet
No fair maiden I might meet
No body in the sky above
That could outshine my lady love
There is no challenge I won't take
No quest too bold for me to make
No ties from which I wouldn't part
To win my fairest lady's heart
On my honor this I swear
All my life with you I'll share
I pledge my sword, my heart, my name
Pray tell me lady you'll do the same
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6 Visitor Comments

She called me her knight in shining armour. I think you and I sir, have met two wonderful woman ! Unashamedly i will read her this poem you have scripted. and i thank you for it.
I'm still looking for my 'knight' in life, and this touched me. I want him to feel those emotions and passion. Wouldn't hurt if they could write like that too. Congratulations, keep writing! ~bluefro~
I love the poem! It's in my top 100 favorite.
i love the poem it express the feelings of a knights love which was amazing and i like the medieval poetry and the one i read was cool
very well written and descriptive. the words flow together beautifully; syntax is excellent
This poem is simply fabulous! As a lover of things medieval, the imagry is fantastic and I know I would have a hard time saying no to the knight that presented me with this poem. Would love to see more like this!

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