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This poem is for a person that has changed my life and made me believe that dreams really do come true. This poem is about a dream, a fantasy, about love, written to the man of my dreams.

Thinking Of You

Just sitting here and thinking,
Thinking my thoughts of you
Dreaming of how things would be
If you were right here too.

I hope that things are going
The way that you had planed
I only wish that you were here
And I could hold your hand

I dream of being with you
Of being by your side
Of waking up beside you
of love that we won't hide

I hope one day that you'll be more
Than just a dream at night
That I can bring you happiness
And love with all my might

But until then, I'm here alone
There's nothing else to do
Than dream of you and count the days
Until I'm there with you
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30 Visitor Comments

its really touch my heart , my girl fren and i are now very far from each other, so all i can do is thinking of her.
i think the p[oem is sweet and good for when ur thinking of the person you love
Just a great poem, you have put into words just what I have been trying to say to my special person. Thank you
i like this peom because it reminds me of this guy i met over the phone and i told him i would wait for him and yeah
I think that this is a great poem. It tells everything that I am going through right now. my boyfriend is gone right now so I am having to be away from him. amd this poem just says everything and I think that is great. I love your poem!
What a wonderful poem. Timing for me was what made it all the better. Well done.
This poem really and truly touched me.
wow i love this poem.
this poem reminds me of this guy on here, but he lives in another city
Nice poem
This was a great poem and describes how I am feeling about a special someone that I had the opportunity to get to know during the Christmas Holidays. The poem is true to life. Great writing.
This poem touched my heart in a million ways. I'm going through a tough time now with my husband. and this just makes it sound like almost my words exactly.
I loved this poem. It really touched me and I think it describes how I am feeling in life right now. I was looking for another proem but when I found this one I just had to read it. I sent it to one of my friends who likes a lot of this kind of stuff and I put it in my profile.
I like this poem Because it touched me and i am going through the same thing imjust waiting tell i can see the person i like the most and i think of him alot. Every-time im down he brings me up. I forget about everything when i talk to this one person. I could say thank you but I dont know how. until i heard this thanks. -D
This poem seemed so true to me. I lived with my boyfriend for about a year and now we have a child. He just resently left to make more money for us, so all I can do is dream of us being together and wonder if he is thinking of me. This poem was awesome because it hit the nail on the head. It was such a great poem, so keep writing. I wish i had the talant. LOL Thank You and what a GREAT poem! Heather
The Author captures the true meaning of inner feelings and captures the heart
This poem really touched me because of a person who I had feelings for since I first met him but could not reveal to him due to our job situations here in Iraq.
This poem hit so close to my heart. I love it.
This is a great poem i really liked it a lot, Great Work!
i can relate to this poem because i want to be so bad next to my boyfriend but can't because he is far away
A poem of depth and one I relate to. Thank you!
how very true.
My boyfriend just moved away and this poem really expressed what I feel when I'm thinking of him.This poem was GREAT!
Rakel I really enjoyed reading your poem I liked it so much that I sent it to a friend I really like he is a boy and i really want to be with him. Great Work!
Nice.says it all without being too sentimental.
Excellent Poetry
I like this poem because it's telling me you like a guy but he doesn't know you want an d how you feel about him! I'm in that situation right now with a guy!
Reading this reminds me of my old friend and all the fun times we had together.
very sweet poem!

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