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A rose is and has always been an integral part of poetry. It is very symbolic. Roses can picture many things. People, emotions, love, things dear to one, and so on.

This poem, heavy with vivid imagery and symbolism, represents the conflicts within oneself when a decision must be made to choose one lover over another. It may also represent the conflict of whether or not to forsake something they have and cherish for something that holds a lot of uncertainty.

A Rose

In my hand
I bear a rose
Soft and black
Single yet whole

In a field
Of flowers I stand
Beneath skies
Of vivid blue;

Sweet air
I breathe,
I breathe again;
Embraced I am

By waves
Of color
By waves
Of light;

My eyes behold
In all its beauty
A lone blossom
'cross the field

A splash
Of gold
Amid endless
Seas of red

Within my mind
Is born a thought
Made fertile
By desire

But which?
Of which?

This rose
I bear?
Or that
Which tempts?

I fear that
Should I
Forsake this rose
So rare, so fine

For another
I'd find Its petals
Frayed, stained,
Withered and dry

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3 Visitor Comments

wow! juss great. i used this poem for my assignment. Nice use of imagery and symbolism, just what i need!
this is a good poem i like it if you got anymore send them to me
this poem is exellent if i had ten hands i would give it ten thumbs up

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