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Dream or Reality... only the alarm clock knows for sure.

Incurable Romantic

Listen; do you hear it not?
Fast beating heart with fluid hot?
'Tis at your presence that such is so;
A gentle kiss would staunch the flow.

Beads of sweat bead on my brow
As you whisper soft and low
And place a kiss upon my lips,
Gentle hands upon my hips.

Down are drawn we to the floor
Whilst our spirits rise and soar.
Deeper sink we into bliss
With shorter pause between each kiss.

My mind races with fevered thought;
I found the one for which I sought.
I gasp for mighty draughts of air,
As you nibble on my ear.

I slip my arms about your waist;
Never a moment do we waste.
Your nails trace furrows down my back,
And I lose myself in eyes so black.

What is that annoying sound?
I float away and look around.
The plastic beast has worked its charm;
I smash the cold and vile alarm.

Things are never as they seem,
But I miss the Lady of my dreams.
I ready myself for another day
And go about my lonely way.
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17 Visitor Comments

i liked the way he made the girl seem so real and then spoke of his lonlyness it was great
I love this poem. Its really awesome. Beautifully written and I didn't know what it was coming to but when I did I loved it. Great work. Wet dreams rock.
Ali, your work is always amazing to me. I know that if I want to read a good piece that I can always read something by you and be completely enraptured over and over again.
Alastair, Your poem is very vivid! I love the humor in the description of the alarm clock(lol). It was subtle, albeit effective, to change the style of your writing from the dream to the waking. It really seemed like different worlds that way. Please, do more and more.
I love this poem and ohhhh can I identify with the rushing out of the house after a night of bliss
This is by far one of the best poems I have ever read. For being a modern day poem it reminds me of how poetry was once written.
So true! So true! Dreams and poetry are the only release for guys like us. Excellent work and a passionate heart. I commend you.
I love the poem. I love the way you write. Thank you.
Very approprite to my life at present,,love separated by a great distance in miles,,but crossed in dreams,,know well the feeling of steeling myself for another lonely day,,
This may have been a dream to the author but it was all too real to me. Thank you.
it is great. it flows very well. both the words and the idea
I thought this was to be one of the best that I have read on here the fours hours of the night.
The poem was excellant! What meaning and what an ending!
My heart skipped a beat, this poem was beautiful.
This poem is so true to what I feel. Being stationed by military half the world away from my wife. My dreams of her regularly shattered by the alarm clock as my days begin anew and alone.
A very fine piece of work. I love the rhythm and rhyme. Nicely done!
I loved the poem it cought my attention from the heading to the beging of the poem to the end. I belive you to be very talented. Keep up the good work I belive you could write poem books at the rate your at. Have a nice day.

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