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I wrote this poem one night, when I desperately wanted to be with my boyfriend who lives 3000 miles away. The pain of a long distance relationship is more acute on some nights, and on this night I felt overwhelmed by my desire to be with him, and defeated by the reality that I could not.

Temptress Moon

night crept through my window
as I lay awake in
melancholy disquiet

the stars liquefied and flowed
like honey
sensually coating my body
igniting me
leaving me a glowing ember
seething with impotent lust

the moon dissolved
pervading my senses
with a silvery saccharine narcotic
singeing my perception
with smoldering hallucinations
of eroticism

but oh, the temptress moon
smelled of your sweet essence
and left me high with wanton desire
as night crept out again
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9 Visitor Comments

Wow. my friend, like yours, is over 2000 miles away. This poem really touched me--
been there and its torture
This was a great poem, My boyfriend is in jail and thus we don't see each other alot but this poem helped me express my longing to be with him. thank you
This is my favourite poem. Not only conjuring wildly erotic feelings and mental images, but the poem can apply equally well to anyone longing for the company of his or her lover. An absolutely brilliant work that gets better with each reading.
Touched me deeply.
THis was a poem worht reading...I loved it!
Excellent idea. I loved it.
Wonderful imagery and an array of intelligent, musical vocabulary - delightful !
That poem is awsome. how do i send it to my boyfriend in uk

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