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This poem was written about a close friend. We got really close and I wanted to go one step further. At this thought she quickly said the infamous line "We should just be friends" This is for all of you who have heard that line a bit too much


What was, can be no more.
What could have been is now impossible.
The things I have waited for, for what seems like an eternity,
These things are now but a faded dream in the night.

Emotions that were strong and confusing, recently depleted,
Are now brought to the light again.
Feelings that were thought hidden
Are now in my face screaming to me--why?

All that my world was, has now come to a foreseen, yet unexpected end.
The things that I held dear and secretive to me
Have now become an uncovered shadow,
Forever I will hold dear to me, your memory and constant voice in my head

All you are and all you have given me--
I will hold close to my heart and guard these memories
With my life, for that's all I have of you now.

Because you said,
Forever, my friend .
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21 Visitor Comments

Well said. I just heard this crushing phrase and now I have the words to reply with, Thank You.
dude. your words are so completely upshown. you describe your heart as not only your heart but a light that once shined around your whole entire life. for you i congragulate you as a person who has made it and has proudly accepted his destiny. not like me
wow. it was so nice. and it relates in my present situation
I was looking for a way to express what i felt and then i found this poem. i know have the words thanks
Michael hit the nail right on the head with his poem Friend? I had to let go of a friend who has said forever and I have to hold on to are memories close to my heart. This poem touch me profoundly. I could never put the right words together to describe how special our friendship was and will always be in my heart. Thanks, Micheal
I love this poem. I am in love with my best Friend and my freind has no idea
it is a very nice poem. i like it so much!
Great poem. This is exactly what im going through right now, reading these poems on this site makes the pain less, thanks for all the writing and great poem!
Very nice. I think I have lived that experience too.
This is uncanny I had the same experience, and got the same reply, "let's be friends" well done.
i love u 4 writing this poem. this exactly what explains what 1 of my friends at school are going through.i hope u continue to make poems like this .because these are things that happen in our everyday life but we dont know how to xplain it
It's beautiful.I'm speechless
Your poem is so true you try to get close to a girl and they give you the word freind, and it hurts so much. Way to capture feeling
well i was surfing the net and i found this site and i really like this poem so i thought tha ti would tell u that
well, everyone has heard those words, that are meant so affectionately or sometimes to deter your feelings that they have picked up on. This poem just describes the feelings, hearing it, feeling so deflated.
Truely one of the best works of poetry I have come across recently.
that was a touching poem and i would love to vote for it it kind of reminded me of one of my friends!!!!!!!:)
I really enjoyed your poem. It really moved me. Maybe we can trade poems some time.
too many times, unfortunately, have i felt this way of women in my past. little am i even aware of the same feelings i hold until today. beautiful poem discussing love in lights we'd rather not confess to shed
its the best poem I've ever read
only one sentence : i though you read my mind to write this one

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