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Where shall my friendships take me? This is an incessantly recurring theme in my life - So, this Valentine's Day I've decided to write a villanelle about something that I know a great deal about, separating friends from lovers. Hmmm...... Shall the twain ever meet?

Friends or Lovers

Throughout our lives we're ever dreaming of
The day we'll find that perfect sweet caress.
How shall we know when friendship's really love?

A quest for raptured hearts the conduit of
Life's bask in yearning throngs of WistfullNess.
Forever seems our lifelong dreams are of

The hope we may imbue our hearts thereof
With exultation, but we shan't unless
We recognize when friendship's turned to love.

Whence all emotions fit like hand in glove
It may just be - 'Tis serendipitous.
Those things in life we're ever dreaming of

As rhapsody's sung on the wing of dove
And, one to each, our promise we profess
How do we know this friendship's really love?

Whence we have placed our faith in Hands above
Each ray of sun bestows SagaciousNess
No longer things we're only dreaming of
We'll surely know when friendship's one with love.
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7 Visitor Comments

this is the poem for everybody who going thouh it!
An absolutly wonderful piece that really hit home at this moment. A new romance is on the verge with a friend that I have worked with for 4 years. Yur poem could not express my feelings any more apropriately.
I really like this poem, because it reminds me of a friend that I have. and it makes me think of how wonderful it is when a friendship turns to love.
i really like the poem, it reminds me of me and my fridn, i have this friend and i like him and i think he likes me but we are like really close friends so it is really hard and i dont know what to do!
I really love this poem!
I thought the language was abit difficult.. otherwise it was wonderful :)

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