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For this person, my love has never been so strong we were together for quite some time. the break up was messy and we went through a lot of hard time but now we are friends again. We both still love each other but we just call it friendly love...

Friendly Love...

With your presence
I am complete.
Just your very essence
Happily my heart beats.

Our love moved mountains,
Our sky shined blue, even when gray.
Love flowed like water from fountains.
In our hearts, we love, to this day.

Now friends, but still going strong.
Our shoulders are there for each other,
When in our world there is wrong.
Our friendship- like no other.
Sometimes weird, or strange,
Somehow we pull through the hard times,
Through friendship- we grow and change.

No matter how far or how long ago,
My love will still be yours,
In time to let go.
I will always love you,
for you- I am here,
Whether in spirit, mind, body
Shall you ever shed a tear.
Your angel will always be near!
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16 Visitor Comments

Good Stuff i still have very strong feelings for my friend and u put in perfect words exactlly what we feel
poem touches my love life it motivates my inner being it also gives me the reason to love again and again
this is a realy magnificent poem, especialy for the most treasured friendships. i would certanly advise everyone to send it to their friends, they will really appreciate it.
Sometimes words are hard to find to express how you feel but this poem puts words to the pain of a lover of 12 years now a friend. Thank You!
This poem is nice and so true.
very good
I was looking for a poem to give to my ex that said i still love him but i cherishour friendship, this one said it! Thanks!
this poem was wanderful!
This poem says my heart.
I absolutely love this poem. You have such a great talent for this adn it seems you have experience this personally. When my b.f and i broke up, we became friends like never before. We went from not knowing each other to a relationship and now were the best of friends forever. I sent it to him. Keep up your WONDERFULL work
This Is A Beautiful Poem.. Crazy Thoughts Have Been Running Through My Mind Since My Boyfriend, J.J And I Broke Up But This Poem Says Exactly What I Feel. I Want To Feel The Same Love That He Feels For Me But My Heart Doesn't Accept It. Hopefully In Time I Will Change. He Is The Man In My Life Now And I Will Always Love Him No Matter What! Great Poem Boop..
A truly touching poem that fits me and my ex-girlfrined, now my best friend, perfectly.
This is such a great poem. And I have never read a poem so close to home. Congrats Boop, you've got talent.
I loved that poem. There is someone that this poem could go too. We both lead different lives and we can never really love one another. It touched me
You're good... it sound like you've experienced this kind of love, you've captured this situation beautifully. Keep up the Good Work!!

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