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This poem is for one of my good friends. I love him to death and wanted more from our friendship, but he would not see to that. I haven't seen him in a couple of months, than just this month, I ran into him at a carnival. As he gave me a hug, I looked back on the good times we shared, and this is what I got.

Better Untouched

I look at him,
And a smile grows in my face.
Just to remember the times,
When he could've been mine.

As he gives me a hug,
While he puts his arms around me.
I remember what I would've gave
To only have a chance with him.

But now I see him,
In a different light.
Yes, he still means the world to me,
But now its a different way.

His friendship means a lot to me,
Although we never had much anything else.
Now I see why God doesn't answer all prayers,
Because some things are left better untouched.
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103 Visitor Comments

This poem said exactly what I wanted to say, but for a different reason than why the poet wrote it. Me and my "friend" attempted to get things off the ground, but now I see there are some things that make us not as compatable as I thought. He has strong beliefs about certain things based on what he went through in a previous relationship and it's affecteing what he could possibly have with me. Although he has a lot of qualities I desire in a mate, we just can't get past this one thing. I don't think we ever will.
it reminds of me somebody and the last stanza is right I guess God don't answer all prayers I know I pray enough but my prayers weren't answered.
I think your poem is very cool keep up the good work.
simply. BEAUTIFUL.
This poem reminds me of alot of things cause someone who i used to love is now one of my best friends and i wouldnt chage that for the world!
This poem is so great! it reminds me of me and my ex-boyfriend cause i want him back but we are just friends now. which is good because to me he is my best friend! Very good poem!
This poem totally reminds me of High school friends. I used tot like someone and then he kind of changed, but we are still friends, but i see him in a different way.
This is just what I needed to remind me where my Heart really should be.
this poem touches me the same way, cause one of my friends had it and i was near crying after i read it, cause thers this boy i have liked and wanted for years i would pray to god to give me a chance, and i never knew why god wouldn't give me one and we have been threw alot so i was always upset to see him with other girls and when he would give me hugs i wish that the feeling never went away, now we are working on becoming friends we hung out at the western idaho fair and now i relize i would rather be his friend then nothing at all,and after reading this poem it answered alot that no one eles could, now it makes a little more sence and i thank you alot for that Cole.
I think you have made such a valid point. sometimes it is better to savour the friendship than to complicate it with a physical relationship. there are different forms of love and some people are only ever meant to be friends. don't be sad about it- rejoice the fact that you have such a wonderful friend.
Oh my god! Beautiful It was one of the best poems i have ever read in my life.
i love this poem it touched me deep and brought back wonderful memories
3 stars. The way it must be.
This is such an amazing poem and explains EXACTLY how I feel about my best friend.
i feel this way right now! my bestfriend and i. well i love him soooooooooooooooooooo much thank u for always being there. i give the poem a 10000
this poem is really touching u know. Well, especially because I've also experienced it once before (but with a girl of course). And by reading this poem, it really brings back memories for me. It sure is hard to fall in love with your own friend, you must make a choices, and if you chose the wrong choice, you'll ruin everything. I really like this poem, two thumbs up for the poem and also for the writer.
This poem describes a friend that i have and I thought I would take a moment to let the author know this is a great poem
I like the way they express what teenager have gone through, like me. I love their poems.
The way, it describe the times that went passed by, really great. Especially the positive attitude, and elaboraion of meaning of Friendship ,more precisely Love ( that Sacrifice is the real Love) is great.
hey wats up this thing rocks. i have a frined who i at one time widhed was more than a friend but it never happened and now he is going with my friend. so yah some things truley are better off ledt untouched
This poem is sooo sad! Because I understand what you wrote, its lovely. But I have a friend that I want alot more then friendship with. and im so afraid.
i love this poem it totally reminds me of my best friend alex
My name is Mark, and I live in Northern Virginia near Washington, DC. I am a 44 year-old bachelor who has never married. In fact, Chole, I found your poem only today and was deeply moved. It reminded me of a girl I knew nearly 35 years ago, the first girl I'd ever met. After she and her family left, I thought I'd never see, or hear, from her again. In August 2005, I was wrong. She still remembered me, after a life of upheval, remembered having a huge crush on me, and wondered if her feelings for me had gone unrequited. The note I sent, via her father, told her that her feelings had not gone unrequited. Which thrilled me enormously. But her life has been quite rough; as Chole's poem sagely says, I would much rather treasure her as a friend, rather than needlessly complicate her life by crossing the line. Strange as that may seem. But Chole's poem spoke volumes to me in this case, and she is right. I hope that she contacts this site at some point. Again, if you get this message, Chole, thank you so very much for touching my heart and putting into words how I feel about this extremely special person.
i loved the poem! it was really wonderful. the way u hav expressed ur feelings and the last line especially. that is the whole beauty of the poem. it was really, really nice! keep up the good work!
This is the best poem.
I have a friend who I have seen three times in six years. I love him so much and we have both gone on to marry other people, but he holds a special place in my heart. This describes it well.
it definitely portraits the unexplain emotion one has at the deepest of our hearts
chelsea beth
totally great poem. i'm going through just that now. i really like a guy at school and we're great friends. i want to be more than friends with him. i planned on asking him out this week. now i'm not because i've realized that he's "better un touched. "
your poem realy touched my heart,because i feel the same way for this one guy friend i know. GREAT JOB!
This poem said exactly wat i have been wantin to say 2 my lost love 4 a long time, he broke up wit me without givin me a reason but i cudnt stop lovin him. but deep inside i knew it woz jus a love of friendship but wen the relationship ended our friendship also ended. now we r gud friendz again, but we both know that nothin else cud eva happen as i am now happily married. i cherish the moments alwayz-x
Wow. it really touched me because i like my good friend. and i pray all the time about it and i try everything. but he just doesnt feel the same. thank you for writing this, it is really gonna help me with getting over him.
I really like this. it's summed up in a few lines what I've been feeling for months now.
I just love it. Thank you for putting all my feelings into words!
your poem is very nice it touch me in a way that poetry never did. so there's my little comment so keep up the good work!
thank you i can really relate to your poem it reminds me of this girl i really like but are probably better off friends so we last longer
I love the poem because i have the same problem i had a best friend and i loved hhim lotz he was that special person for me and he will always will be thanks for this poems now i know i am not the only one passing thru this that there is hope that i day i will see him just as my best friend
Thank you for that poem. you are not alone.
liza mae
hi. i like the poem very much. i have a friend whom i really learned to love. he's so ideal for me. if ever i hve the cgnce to choose for someone i can b with for the rest of my life, it would definitely him. , but as what u'v written there are things that better untouched. he told me that he value our friendship so much and he wont allow anythng to break it. i thnk he's afraid of losing each other. again, as u'v written, there are things that better left untouched.
i can really realate to this poem. because until me and a friend almost started to date i didnt relize how much i could be risking.
this is beautiful writting keep it up! this is exactly what is happening to me except i still love him but i noe that he wouldnt do me any good!
This is a best poem. i liked very much. from Bangalore India
This poem hit me so hard becuase it described everything I had been through with two guys that are now just like big brothers to me. Thank you for writing this
This is an amazingly mind-blowing piece of work. very true too.
It's a wonderful poem that describes my situation at this very moment!
Mary Jane
Just like the author of this poem i have fallen for my best friend, i know i will never have the courage to tell him what i feel but no matter what we will always be friends. Sometimes when you look at someone you realize just how much they mean to you, but you also realize that friends are friends and nothing else.
okay. wow i loved this poem it is exactly what i was going through. it took me such a long time to realize how when you think it would just be so right for these two people to be together, and it would be so awewsome if he or she were yours. and when you look at him or her you used to get jealous. but over time those feelings fade, and what is left is a bond so deep that you are so happy in the end that god did leave it untouched! thank you so much for writing such a fantastic poem
I really love this poems. It expresses exactly how I feel right now! It's like it took the words right out of my thoughts.
Some prayers are not meant to be answered. I have been in that position twice in my life. One time I really wished it wouldnt have been. This time,I couldnt have been happier. I have found the love of my life! Thank You, a lot of people neededit.
Well this poem reminds me of a friend who i loved more than a friend he always had a smile on his face and gave me his loving everyday hugs. Well i live in Corcoran,Ca. He lives in Coalinga and i met him before i moved here.
its a beautiful poem. i can feel it as i am right in it. sometimes something such as crossing the border between friendship and love should be left untouched. love it.
hey, great job. this poem really makes me thing about a friend that i just had.
This poem is really nice and true too. I really love it.
This poem hit so close to home, i really really like the poem for the simple fact that i love/like my friend and he knows but its like thing can come from it at this time and the poem really made me think about it more and i true see that things are better left untouched.
this is a great poem. I love it very much because i can i love a guy who is my friend, but i can't love him as a boyfriend because he a true friend and hat happen if we broke up. What will happen next???
that was a god poem and i hope you get better not saying its not good. Hope you have more to come.
This poem is one i can relate to alot. I once fell for my friend and i prayed to god we could be more then just friends but as time past i realized it would be better if we were just friends. I didn't have a way to put how i fell in words, but now i found a way. through this poem!
Very deep poem dat a lot of ppl inc me hav gone thru. Keep up the gud wrk :)
THis poem is super
this poem was absolutly untouched i have read anything moe beautiful it makes me think alot of the old days with all of my friends.
This is very nice. So special, and so true.
great poem, keep it up, it saved me from a really bad break up. thank you so much
This poem is so deep I love it! it kinda reminds me of a friend that I had
this poem totally explain how i feel about this guy and i have never read a peom that took everthing i feel about him now and put it in such stright to the point wordings. it's a great poem!
it is great!it touched me because just right now i understood that i will never be with the girl i like,and probably is better for me to be like that
Oh my god! that poem was so sweet! i was all like "awwwww how sweet"i feel exactly same way about this guy i know! i loved the poem! good job Chole!
Wow! Chole I loved that poem. It totally describes me and my friend relastionship. Better Untouched has inspired me.
I loved your poem. Reminds me of this guy Mitch, whose been a close friend of mine. Someday, I'll be able to look at things this way. Right now im still trying to gain some perspective to move on. I'm even thinking of sending your poem to him. thanks!
Okay just wanted to let you know that I think this is an awesome poem. My best friend and I live in seperate states and yet everytime I see him I feel something that can never be explained. Anywayz I just wanted to say that this is simply an awesome poem and I think that we all need to really pay close attention b/c our one true love may be closer than we think.
its great i hope u still see him and still be friends. even if u cant have him theres a reason and ur poem shows this u have inspired me . thanks
i really like this moment. it has so many meaning, it came from the heart.
This poem is absolutely beautiful. I've been trying to figure out a way to express my feelings toward a friend and this is perfect. When we moved to different colleges I was unsure of my feelings, but now I have realized that things could never work between us as more than friends and I will always love him more than anything in this world and would do anything for him. But I could never tell him how I felt because I was afraid of losing him, so things just have to stay untouched! Great poem. and thanks for the help!
Hey Chole- i love this poem it explains everything that i am goin through i am soo in love w/this guyz and i can't tell him:(
This poem is amazing. In high school, I was head over heels with my best friend, and always wished he would see me that way too. After running into him recently, I still love him to death, but am very glad that we stayed just friends. Great poem!
oh my god, i just realized everything that's gone on and finally what it means because of your poem. my best guy friend and i have gone through exactly what this poem describes. i love him more than life itself, and i always will. i guess what they say is probably true."it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.'' great poem.i can't tell you how much it means to me to read it. keep up the great writing!
this poem remined me of me and my friend it is so true on that i wanted so much more but i couldnt have and i always put him down its so great that other people are feeling this way too
You describes exactly, what I feel right now. Great.
ilove this poem.its nice and very fascinating.
I like this poem very much
i love your poem. you hit it right on the nail. it made me cry. there's this guy who is my best friend in the whole world. i love him so much. we're going off to college in the fall and i'm going to miss him so much. sometimes i want more with's so confusing.
This poem really expressed emoitons that I have been avoiding for a long time. Thank You for helping me get through such a tuff time with just a few words. Beautiful job Chole.
i love this poem
Beautiful and inspirational words!
When I read this poem..I knew what was really want to know. Great Poem
This was a very touching poem. It says exactly how I feel about a friend of mine. I have feelings for him, but he's better left untouched.
Well you are right my dear.. some things are better be untouched.. I'm in the same situation as yours.. and we both are still great together. Good job
Very good!
very insightful and touching!
your poem was really touching i think it was absoulutely perfect
I like this poem so much.It remides me of the boy I had a crush and I still have a crush on.
yah, this poem helped me realize truth...and how some things are ,as chole says, better left untouched. even though we cannot or don't want to see the future, not everything is best our way; and for some reason life does turn out even better if it is untouched
This poem is so great!!!!
it was a good moive ok
very true
This is a beautiful poem. I myself write poetry and I love this poem. I am going through a similar ordeal with my best friend. I now live in Kentucky and he lives in Tennessee.
Very well-written poem..I can feel what you felt then..
one of the best yet, love it more please, more
Dear Chole, You must be amillion miles away, but your poem made me feel very close to you. The subject of the poem is what I`m going through now
This poem is really the way people feel and i like it because it decribes many of my friends relationships
it a really nice poems.. :)and i have kept it as one of my favourites ..

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