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This poem was written sort of as a "Part 2" to one of my other poems.

It's about a long lost love, recalling the sweet, but still painful, memories made in our time together; the haunting thought that someday, some way we may meet again and what will happen then? Will I finally be at peace with myself, or in more turmoil than ever before?

I was trying to portray bottled- up emotions in a poem, and this was the result.

Seeds Of Despair

At one point, I loved you more than anything
You were my sunshine after the rain;
But with you went my only light,
And I felt nothing but pain.

It's been quite a few years since then,
I've rebuilt my heart and put your memory to rest.
But even after moving on in life,
I can't lift this heavy weight off my chest.

A part of my past is an open book,
Whose pages have gone unread.
That part is you, not a big surprise,
And I can't let go of the last thread.

You haunt me in my dreams at night,
And you plague my every thought.
How do you expect me to let go,
When I don't even know if you're alive or not?

If only I could see you one more time,
Just to know you're ok and doing fine.
That would help me so very much,
And bring some peace to this heart of mine.
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9 Visitor Comments

nice poem u make me remaber some Memories.
this poem is great. i am going through some tough times and when i read this poem i cried. and it helped i'm not the type to let my feelings show because i was never taught how. and this poem meant so much that i just couldn't hold back. great work
thank you, it is every thing i'v wanted to say but couldnt. it brought tears to my eyes and made me think. brilliant
conveyed that inexpressable feeling all who loved know
This is very beautifuly portrayed and it reminds me of when my uncle died a few years ago. He was my favorite uncle and I really miss him.
This poem really made me think cuz a similar thing about this poem happend to me.. Good Job!It's a beautiful poem..
What a lovely poem, I know I'm still there
I was able to feel your pain. Great work. You have undeniable talent. Keep writing, Lou

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