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This poem is about a relationship that started out as friendship and ended up in love. Plans were being made to move away and start over, but he got scared and ended it all.

Lost Dreams

Only in my dreams you could stay
Only in my dreams we could love

I wanted love you gave me dreams
I wanted love you gave me hope

I gave you my heart you gave me promises
I gave you love you gave me lies
I gave you love you gave me tears
I gave you love you gave me fear
I gave you love you gave me hurt
I gave it all to you and only ask just to be with you

My heart betrayed me and took flight
Oh how you hurt me that dark Tuesday night
The nights of planning for a new life
Only in my dreams would that life come true
Only in my dreams would I live a life with you

Its true there's a thin line between love and hate
I should have known only in my dreams
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14 Visitor Comments

i love the poem, the same i wish happened to me. he was the sweetest boy of "my dreams". life is suckish
hey annie. tht was a great peom. it touches my heart heepz. tht exactly how i feel atm. love sux tho thts how i see it. n yehh. but i reali loved it. plz make anotha 1 tht is simplier. i lovd it. love ya mwamwa xoxoxo
superb poems its really touch my heart
Yes, I too was very touch by this poem. This poem really illustrate what happen to me.
Very Very nice
Excellent poem
A very nice poem of dreams. of all other poems,i'll use this one for my project :) its great
Love it!
I liked it alot. it was cool
Your poem was wonderful, the way many feel and can't explain it. Keep up the good work.
hey anie..i loved ur poem so touched my heart and made me feel better.rite more poems like's amazing..u h've done a good job!ANIE IS THE BEST !
this poem really touched my soul.i know how it feels to love someone with all your heart and they seem to not care at all
hi i really like ur poem "lost dreams" y don't u rite more poem i know it will be good hope best of luck!!!! bye once again ur poem is excellent

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