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My poetry has always been written for me, as a mental release. Now I have reached a point where I wish to share my feelings with others who have experienced similar feelings. Although my poems may be obscure, I hope that those who read them may still find them meaningful and entertaining. Thank you. -E.R.

This Pain

Holding you in my arms, cursing my hands.
Regretting what I've done, knowing it will never mend.
Calling your name out loud, holding my head.
Remembering the things I've done, and all the things I said.
I know why you went away, you don't need to explain.
Not much left that I can say, but you don't need THIS PAIN.

Lying flat upon my back, face up to the sky.
Counting all the stars, for all the times I made you cry.
I loved you, I hurt you, I pushed you far away.
I love you, I want you, but you don't need THIS PAIN.
Holding in my hand, a tear stained photograph.
I'm the one who let you go, now I don't know where you're at.
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5 Visitor Comments

IT help me explain my feelings to someone it really helped it felt like the poem was talking about me! I'm so glad because it was a great poem and i hope it helps others like me!
i reallly like this poem it fit a relationship i am going through. you write great poems. keep it real
I really felt what you were talking about I've been there and it's not an easy thing to do.
I love this poem. It is beautiful and so insightful. It brought back to me sacred memories from deep within. Edward Racey is a very talented and gifted writer.
This poem is an extraordinary piece of literature. I have felt for these words like no other, perhaps it is that I have felt a pain like this, but never felt any closer that this poet has created for himself. This poem should shine like the sun and glow like the moon, and receive numerous stars. Thanks for your words of wisdom Edward Racey! Thanks for reading.

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