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I wrote this poem while I experienced the pain of falling in love with a best friend who didn't love me the same way. Our friendship has suffered because of this, and I felt this poem expressed the emotions of my soul.

Do You Even Care?

I just don't know how to feel,
If I should just give up,
Store away all emotion
And chalk it up as never meant to be.

I put away what I feel
And try to forget you.
But then you smile at me,
Or brush against me,
And I fall in love all over again.

Then you'll forget me
For awhile, pretend I'm not there.
I cry and wonder,
Do you even care at all?
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14 Visitor Comments

I love ur poem! I hate boys who make a gurl think they like them and really don't. Thats why it's best to let a boy talk to you first and make him wait b4 yall start dating, 2 see do he really like you if he wait.
Thanx 4 giving me the oppurtunity to read this poem. I LOVE IT. It put how i am feeling on paper. Recently my best friend who i wished was my lover has recently got a girlfriend. Im finding it hard to cope as i wanted him and now his not mine and has no time to spend with me as his always with his gf. Thanx again
i can relate to this poem my b/f of 2 years broke up with because he said he was not inlove anymore and we worked together so i saw him everyday and he would always smile at me or brush against me then he would ignore me like i was not even there.
your poems are really deep which is really cool alot of people don't want to show there true emotions
my comment is that you should wait until you meet the someone that makes you happy the person that make your heart sang and make the move on them and i promise you will be happy and proud with your self im only a14 year old but im a 14 year old with great advice
Very good I know that feeling all too well!
i know whats its like to have that feeling i have it to and im 13 guys are so stupid lol and it so hard when you like him and in the back of myhead i know he doesnt well i readlly like this peoms!
iam going thru this right now i love someone who dosent love me back but wont let me be.
I love this poem. I felt like crying when i read it.
I loved this poem because my boyfriend and I had just broken up, and this poem explained exactly how I feel. Thank you
I helped my friend to patch up with her boyfriend, and in the process I found myself falling in love with her. And now, they are planning to get married.
This is exactly what I am feeling tword ADZ.
your poem is awesom....that is hapening to me right now and I know how it feels

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