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This poem was wrote by me about 6 months ago after I had a heartbreak. It expresses how I still feel about that person.

Love Still Hurts

I know in my heart its over
You just want me for a friend
I realize more each moment
Your love is at the end

I find it hard to look at you
It still hurts to see your face
I can't forget how good you felt
I miss your sweet embrace

I can not bare to hear you talk
Weak vibrations are so wrong
There's no affection in your voice
The sound of love is gone

There's pain in every breath I take
The air broadcasts your cologne
At home, at work, and everywhere
I'm lost and all alone

I've heard it said "Time heals all wounds"
I can only hope its true
Right now it seems unlikely
Because I'm still in love with you
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31 Visitor Comments

I understand what you are going through because I am to. Great poem though.
what a sweet poem. i can totally relate to this with my ex boyfriend.
this poem is absoloutly wonderful and sums up my feelings perfectly! its wonderful. would love to see more of your poetry. thanks x x x
This is such a aweet poem. It reminds me of what i was feeling a while ago. Keep up the good work. And i hope you continue on making great poems just like this one.
This poem made me cry. It is the samething that is happening to me. Last week my girrlfriend broke up with me but she still wants to be my friend. So I give this peom a 10 out of 10.
AWESOME! This poem is written exactly how it was meant to be told! TWO THUMBS UP!
this poem touched me deeply. i just had a breakup a few days ago and it says everything on how i feel about him still. i wanted to send it to him but it still hurts too much to even speak his name.
Very Moving. I have been here. Bob
I love this poem. It describes exactly how i feel.
I really love this poem, its the poem that refers to what has just happened to me
good poem
I like your poem, it reminds me of something that I am going threw now. Love does hurt in so many ways, I am living proof. It is a beautiful poem, but sad for someone to go threw a lost, especially when you are falling in love or in love.
i really love this poem i can relate to it right this moment and i thank you for writing this because know i can express my feeling alot clearer.
This poem is so sweet and explains things exactly! :)
this is a beasutifully written poem i give it 2 thumbs up
Fantastic poem, u have great skill at putting down your feelings in to something that insnt easy to write. I surpose a lot of people can relate to your poem. but you to let you know that you halped inspire me, and i think it would be a great idea if you were to write more.
I relate alot to this poem. I liked it alot!
This poem is truely everything im feeling and explains just how much im hurting thank you for writing it x
wow i can relate to this poem. so bad that its freaky!just sent this to my "partner". hmm. wonder what they'll make of it,,,
that explains exactly wut im going thru. u put wut i felt in just a few words than wot i could ever say n more
A good and powerful poem. Confirms the belief, if love is so great, why does it hurt so bad.
this poem just brought tears to my eyes as i feel so connected to it, i wrote it down to remember it, thanks for writing it!
I enjoyed reading this poem. It seemed like it came from the heart, also i could totally relate
mine is like that too.
Steph, that's a really amazing poem. All of us at one time or another would have felt the same way you do. I love it.
i love it
This poem was so touching that I can't stop reading it. Great work Stephanie!
that was a REALLY good poem, I can totally relate to it.
This is a great poem, wrote by a great person
this poem is great
It was beautifly written with lots of heart and emotion. Great work!

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