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This poem was written for a girl I once loved very much. But, now all I have left of her is the memories.


I remember when I met you
the smile on your face,
Seems like a million years ago -
a different time and place

I remember when I kissed you
the warmth inside my heart,
I thought it'd last a lifetime
I swore we'd never part

I thought about the future
I started making plans,
Forever you'd be my woman
forever I'd be your man

We went together places
so that everyone could see,
The women that I want to share
the rest of my life with me

I told you that I loved you
I told you that I cared,
I told you if you were falling
just look back and I'd be there

I know I didn't have all the answers
sometimes I only guessed,
But, through it all I have to say
"I always tried my best"

I wasn't always perfect
I wasn't always right,
I know sometimes I wasn't
even worthy in your sight

I know I took for granted
the love you had to share,
All I ever wanted was
for you to know I cared

Our lives have changed directions
as sometimes lovers do,
Often time and change
and pave a path that's new

Sometimes I often wondered
just what lies ahead,
Sometimes I'd like to turn back time
and take back what I said

We've both gone different places
we've both gone different ways,
I know sometimes I let you down
when trouble came our way

I know sometimes I did things
you didn't comprehend,
But, through the years and all the tears
our memories will never end........
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18 Visitor Comments

I love this poem, it touched my heart. I'll give this poem a 10. no and if's or buts
So So Sweet Just Loved It
Wow! my girlfrind and I for 14 month gone
Very intense!
i loved this poem i felt like it was talking about my love life and problems it made sense to me i was feeling sad until i read this poem.
this was a really gr8 poem i relate to it alot! my Ex Boyfriend and i of 10 months broke up and i still miss him and love him very much and knows that but the only thing i have left of him is are Memories. Keep up the good work.
Great Poem!
Really felt your poem. It not only expresses memories of the past but the present also. Thank you
Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful..made me cry.buts it's still great :)
I see this poem living. Love and memories never end. It will always be in your mind no matter what your words say. Your words are greatly chosen. Keep it up, hope to read more.
As I read all your submissions, I can see the sensitivity in the man behind the words. Godspeed! ~Classy~
Im not only in love with his poetry but i think im also falling in love w/ this man.I hope i could find ways to reach him & tell him how i adore his masterpieces that lovingly touches my me, could you tell me his email add or anything? where i could get in touch w/ this lovely man.
i thought this poem was very good. and made me think back to a little while ago with my boyfriend mike. but i've moved on and tried not to look back. now i love austin. and he gave me a reason to smile.
i loved it!, it reminded me of my ex- relationship. THANX!:)
Bravo!! Bravo!!
This Poem reflects many relationships that everyone I know(including myself) have gone through. The poet is very open to his feelings about past memories. Excellent job!
it really made me think of how i still feel for my ex boyfriend. it even made me cry!

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