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This poem is about a man I met who I knew was a good man who I could easily fall for. I know we really liked each other, but there were some issues to work out. He called me at work one day to tell me he didn't think it could work right now and he wanted to be friends for now. I said okay and hung up the phone in tears, then this poem came to me. I sent it to him, but he hasn't seen it yet. I wish the best for him.

Briefly Touched By Love

I met a wonderful man the other day.
He knew what to do and just what to say.
He brought the laughter back to my soul.
I knew someday again I would be whole.
He lifted my spirits and made them soar.
I felt inside I was longing no more.
I thought someday I could love this guy.
Now that memory brings a tear to my eye.
Now my heart hurts form deep within.
Because I could have loved, but lost again.
His face I will remember in my head.
I will always treasure the words he said.
I will remember the way he held me tight.
I think of the way he kissed me that night.
He was so gentle and sweet and kind.
But now he is only in my heart my mind
Maybe someday we will again find each other.
I will always care for him even if I find another.
I hope when he thinks of me, he will smile.
And know that I loved him if only for a while.
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6 Visitor Comments

You captured all the emotions I am feeling right now. Losing a new love can be as devastating as a long term love, it all depends on how connected you were to that person. Excellent poem, I will keep it with me. Thank you, Janet
this poem just describes wht i'm going through. very lovely!
I thought this poem was beautiful. I have been searching for a poem like this :)
I love this poem so much it reminds me of what I am going though right now with a guy. It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
very sweet and beautifully written
It was truly beautiful to bad the guy couldn`t see the beauty that he possesed.Peggy is a wonderfil poet.

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