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This poem I wrote when I realized a relationship with someone I loved more than anything in the world was over. We had dreams to live together and have this wonderful life, and that it would last forever, but then the love disappeared. It was over and I never thought it could end, until he somehow lost his love for me, and I can't let him go. My dreams were destroyed.

Dreams Shattered

The glass shatters
My dreams break
Nothing else matters
I don't want to wake

You cut me with the glass
You hurt me once more
Will this hurt ever pass?
What's this life for?

All that I achieved
Has been swept away
Everything I believed
Is not here today.
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6 Visitor Comments

This poem is great it really touched me because i am feeling the same way i just got out of a relationship that i had so many dreams for and i really thought that it would work bespite the distance. Than on may 1st he broke my heart and left i still have feelings for him and know that this seperation is wrong but i am going to move on and if he ever wantd to give it another chance he knows were to find me. You have a gift to touch peoples lives with you poems please keep writing.
That poem expresses exactly what im feeling right now. Thank for sharing it with us.
Out of nowhere one day my girlfriend also lost something inside her that made her ove and care for me. Its the hardest thing in the world to have the same feelings for them but no to have them returned. Nice Job. I really enjoyed your poem!
i realy can relate to this poem, at the moment i m in love with this girl, i am only 12, so you probably wont believe me, but i am convinced it is love, i do think about suicide from time to time when i see her and other guys togeather, but i live this life in pain and must go on
So few words, yet they describe what I have felt before. Excellent poem.

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