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This poem reflects the belief that because people constantly change, you can never really know someone.

You To Me

Like water
You are to me . . .
I have seen you
Rage like the sea.
And I have seen you
In placidity.
I'm frightened of your depths . . .
Will I float if I jump in?
I'm so very tired of seeing
Everyone else get to swim!
I gather my courage . . .
To you I run so fast . . .
As if the Devil himself were on my ass.
Blindly, I leap . . .
And all is quiet
No cries spoken . . .
As I lie on the rocks helpless
And broken.
I'd forgotten
While on shore where its safe . . .
That like water . . .
You can be cold, shallow . . .
And fake.
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9 Visitor Comments

Excellent poem. I love it! Great emotion and expression. Keep writing!
this is my bf. spooky
I recognize AND appreciate the way you expressed that irresistable desire to love and 'want' that love. I was amusingly surprised with the end! I found myself nodding, with a smirk, thinking, EXACTLY! Thank you for the smile!
Oh my goodness, this poem is the best that I have read in this category! It sent chills up my spine!
couldnt have said it better myself. wish i did say it myself
I could not have said it better myself.
Wonderful poem and so nicely put! I know exactly where you were when you wrote this.. I'm lying on the same rocks myself.
this poem has me in tears.. i know exactly how the poet felt when writing this.. because I feel exactly like that right now
this poem is all to true. and the sad part is that it is true. but who ever wrote this must truely know how it feels to be a fool

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