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I wrote this after talking to a friend on the internet who told me that they had been raped aged 9. This shook me up a lot as I had never had the experience of knowing someone who was raped. I was desperate to try and help this girl, give her comfort and hugs, but I wasn't able to because we lived far apart.

The Pain of Helplessness

There is pain in my heart for another.
I cannot comfort her,
I cannot be with her,
I want to share her pain,
ease her suffering,
show her I care.

Why must it be so hard?
Why should it happen to start with?
The unanswerable questions
ring out to the stars,
and only silence replies
with it's smooth sound.

I scream with anguish,
and the pain of helplessness.
"There must be something I can do, mustn’t there?"
The whimpered query
hangs in the air,

But only silence and time remain,
one a comforter,
the other, a healer.
So why am I not comforted,
or healed of my pain,
and only misery remains?
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13 Visitor Comments

The peom was just like reading my own mind.
I really loved the poem with such compassion and pain its understandable since i'm beeing put to the test and such is the same as the rest of us in different degrees. Issues and problems all bring us down and sometimes we are stick with a friend that listens but can't seem to hield an answer to ease the pain down tell it turns into joy and happyness. Its hard even for me since my childhood up to this day regrets and pain have i been going through and i can't seem to let go of the past that has left i would say a mark on our lives through out the years. Continue the work you are doing and i wish you could dedicate one of your poem to me but also to others thank you. God Bless
I was raped when i was 16, I told know one I wish now I would have had a friend to talk to your poem brought tears to my eyes, just be there for your friend thats means alot.
i've had this done to me as well and i know how that person feels. she wiil never let it go cause its hard to forget but just like me i do counciling once a week and a speek what i feel i also help the women in need that have all ready been raped and i help them live a beter life and not make that incerdint destroy a lovley life even if there so far away i can help them if they ask for no help and tell them my story and tell them its ok the pain i went through was terrible but with just a little help i got through and i living my life to the full thanks for that kaihla
I thought this poem was great. It says exactly how I feel right now and it doesn't have all the names and reasons that would pertain to just one person. Awesome job!
Sometimes happen to every of us to have the same feelings of yours but there one reality,sometimes you want a help the person and is inpossible and sometime you do. Sometimes in both times you be come a victime becouse they dont care. Today I dont find a real onesty and very rare Friends. All money talks. Any way your skill and how you express your self I like it. Keep it up. All good wishes to you
Is it living when you live for yourself? Its when your heart hurts for some others pain that you really live- for we are all bound by an invisible thread and this poem typifies all that is sublime in human character.
I really love you poem i am a victim of rape it really touched me i really didnt have my friends during that time.
this is a great poem i was raped and it touched my heart alot. i bet you understand how hard it is to go through something like that from the storys you hear. mine i dont know who did it the rapist is on the run and i dont know who it is. how great. (not) i hate the fact that i dont know who it was. its really heart breaking. but ur poem is great. frome a 1 being bad to a 10 being the best. i would give you a. 10
I love your poem. I understand what rape feels like. It feels like it NEVER ends. It dosen't. [sigh] Maybe tell her that its over its ended and you want to help her. Or mabe tell her your poem. If you have not alredy. I'm still drying my tears. heh. :)
I just recently began to feel as if there was nothing i could do to make someone i care about feel better. I stumbled on this poem and seriously it touched my heart because it is exactly what i feel right now.
Life is a funny thing no one can explain. its only right for a person to try to help thier kind, its instinct. Some people don't want to remimber what happend long ago, and want to forget. I know that empty, anxiety feeling you have, it hurts if you are suallowed by it. keep up the good work!
i love it! im still in tears!

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