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When a heart becomes broken or someone feels left out, I know from experience that it hurts. There is nothing that can be done or said to make the pain subside any sooner than it was meant to.

At the age of 15, many think that I am unable to communicate feelings of life or love because they think I am too young to understand it. But I've been there too. I've lost friends both male and female of many different races to the cruelty of those living in a small town. The third stanza is my way of trying to get my motto across. "The world's small enough - Stop The Hate!"

A Shattered Dream

A heart broke
By the sad word goodbye
It's hard to believe
One word can make so many cry

A loss too many
A team fallen apart
Can one bad play
Really break so many hearts

A different religion
A different race
Why can't we
See the hurt on their face

A broken heart
A divided team
A cry for help
A shattered dream.
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21 Visitor Comments

I like this poem cuz it makes feel happy that some1 in the world thinks this way and wishes every1 else would think so too. It would make it a happier place on earth
Mrs Keisha
Thank you, your poem was very touching. My family and I are originally from New Orleans, and commuted to a small town in Texas to escape the storm. Needless to say we moved back the dungeon only to escape the stinky smell of racism. My children left good friends behind, and I hurt for them everyday. Your poem has such a great insight and I will us it in my creative writing class. God bless you.
I liked this poem because it was real deep from the heart.
Cause it's sad that even in our day in age ppl still have to look down on each other for their differences, when honestly that should be the least of their worries.
I think this is one of the best poems ive ever heard. It touched me. the way it was written the way it tells the truth.
This is a great poem. One of my faves.
Your poem is wonderful. I believe you when you say you've gone through this and you understand it. I'm young too and sometimes its hard because not many people understand serious matters like this. I'd like to read more of your poems. Thanks
Now dat waz real tight I loved it dat really touched me it made me cry and im bein serious get gurl.
it's nice. it reflects our world today.
very very true and its a nice poem
Nicely said and well written
The Poems that are on this site just inspire a poet like myself to want to write more and more and expand my horizon of the topics I write about but the poems here are well written and inspiring
hey- i love your poems so so much. they're so very touching. how do you come up with these things??
I really liked the poem, it is very true.
I really enjoyed your poem. I am 19 and I still struggle with the problems of discrimination and hate. You are right it is a dream shattered.
This is an awesome poem.
I thought your poem was great! I'd like to hear more of your poems if you have a webpage or anything
age is only a number, continue to express your thoughts and views, your words can encourage many and that is a power even some older people dont posses.
you are a very good writer
this poem is cool.

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