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A plea to the good men in uniform, for I am sure there are some, to be aware that manipulation is something that politicians, as well as women are good at


Soldiers, soldiers, everywhere, with no good wars to fight
How do you flex your muscles, the weapons of your might?
Where do you go to kill these days, false enemies in sight?
How do you earn the wages paid? Through false created blight?

Embroiled in eternally unresolved conflicts
That let you earn your daily bread through long established rifts
You are warriors for fatheads, for economic shift
Feathering their filthy nests, blindly turning tricks

Prostitutes of sordid death, paid to broker peace
Where peace would reign uneasily, without you at the feast
Marching out with weapons cloaked, bullying the meek
Masked behind a war machine we laymen can't unleash

Step back upon command from all injustice wielded
Run from the needless fight, within your barracks shielded
Draw guns to save yourselves alone, not innocents who yielded
Who raised stained hands, to bat away the missiles not being fielded

Remember when this world was pure and life counted for more
Remember somewhere, someone is eternally keeping score
Rise up my sons and represent the put upon, the poor
Destroy the progress of these filthy harbingers of war

Oh soldiers, soldiers everywhere, please see the things you do
The innocents who fall aside, not as strong as you
The unprotected, underfed, with skin of the wrong hue
Stand with honour, change their skies from darkest black to blue

Ignore the ghoulish, greedy cats who use you for their gain
Refuse to fight in unjust wars to satisfy their aims
Remember what your honour means, protect the weak and maimed
Fight only for freedom, or for justice, an end to power games

So soldiers, soldiers everywhere, lay down your bloodied arms
Come home to keep your families safe from needless harm
Smash the kings of industry who tell us all is calm
And deny the politicians who destroy our peace with charm
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12 Visitor Comments

I loved this poem and Carey - You should be published!
OMG this is an amazing poem it touched me in so many ways its got me thinking left and right why did i join the marines thank you i really need to see this poem its a very very good poem keep up the good work.
I think this poem is awsome! It really show what is going on right. I give u lots of props for writting this poem, and encourage u to write more like this.
i think this shows the true buracracy in this world. men with money, which equals power, use true, honourable men to push for their gains. the men who bring about the means are but pawns, fighting for what they think or what they are told is true. do not blame them, blame the men behind them.
I really like this poem, it is a work of art, and an out-cry for humanity! You should really turn this into a song! Its great! Actually sounds like it could be an Anti-Flag song! This poem really touched me. I am an activist plain and simple. this is the stuff I like to hear! It is really great! I would be stoked to see more of your work!
wow. that poem was really amazing to me. great job with the rhyme scheme and diction. only thing i would think about changing was the end, i didn't really think it had a suited end to such a great poem. but other then that the poem was just amazing. GREAT WORK
Carey, this is a wonderful poem. Thank you so much I ould never think that anyone else cared so much.
I love this poems as it is very good description of soldiers life. well done you are great poet, don't listen to funny coments. you have got our support even form UK. Thank you
This Poem says it all . Carey you are a great Poet and you have a wonderful " Sinse " of the World we live in . PEACE .
The author of this poem should be ashamed of herself. If you really think this is the way AMERICAN soldiers act, think, or are used by the ELECTED civilian authorities of this nation, you are so mistaken on so many levels that you should spend some time educating yourself. If your intent was to address some other armies in some other places, you might have a shred of a point, but your failure to differentiate is appalling. I am the grandson and son of soldiers, and a veteran myself. You just don't understand what you're talking about. I am not, nor are any of my fellow soldiers, "Prostitutes of sordid death, paid to broker peace Where peace would reign uneasily, without (me) at the feast" US soldiers do not "March...out with weapons cloaked, bullying the meek." We have spent, and risked, our lives protecting the innocent and defenseless, not bullying them.
This is pretty deep. In my opinion your point is well taken. This is an awesome subject!
So very true. Wonderfully written about our government which we can no longer trust.

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