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What happen happens in those final hours, final moments of life? What personal dreams do we rekindle? And who takes us from this world to the next? I was musing about this when this poem was born.

Flight Of The Fairies

Old woman rises from her slumber
Earlier than the sun
Sleep; an infrequent visitor in her world

She feels the burden of her world, heavy in her bones
Gently brushing a strand of silvery gray out of her eyes
She labors to unsteady feet

Slowly she makes her way to her window
To watch the moon shimmer upon the lake
She sees Them gently fluttering, awaiting the sunrise

Calling to her, beckoning her to join them
She pulls her robe tight about her, making her way outside along the shore
They are waiting for her there: The Otherkin

No cold wind does she feel,
Aches and pains forgotten
She sits upon the damp grass as they dance for her

They land softly upon gnarled hands
Beauty and age in stark contrast
They whisper to her , beckoning her to join them

She closes her eyes and flies with them
Over miles, years, time, space
Their music fills her heart and soul; she smiles

Once more she is with him; love of her life
From oh so long ago
Their music fills her heart and soul

Tonight she joins Them
The pain and fetters of age fall from her
She is young again; she is with him

The sun rises casting its yellow glow
Upon the lifeless figure of an old woman
Morning breeze gently lifting her silver strands

Peeking from a rosebud nearby
They sing; hand in hand
Together again
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7 Visitor Comments

I LIKE this one, I like this speculation on death as a nice thing, getting rid of world-weariness. This is a really cool poem.
I love this poem. It is so beautyful.
This was a very sweet poem its nice to think that is the way i will die and the ones i love. death doesnt have to be scary or harsh and you've shown that you truly have a gift!
i love this poem it flows and is elegent it is great!
I hope it is like this to die; how beautiful is her death.
This poem was beautiful and sweet,so touching it gave me goosebumps!
I thought that it was really sweet and I love fantasy and enchated poems. I love reading poems about fairies.

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