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Generally, when we think of fiction we think of short stories or novels, not poetry. But narrative poetry isn't above stealing a trick or two from its brethren - especially when that theft can bring us closer to Truth.

Fiction, you see, isn't really make-believe. Fiction is about life and people, and all good fiction has a lesson or two for us to learn. And so it is with these narrative poems, based on fiction but reflecting life.

Stories (1-23)

  • by Munda
    Two sonnets woven into a tapestry of craving love and impossible romance.
  • by Jonathan Shupe
    Not all stories end with "lived happily ever after."
  • by Scott Marchand
    Fictional poetry is often the reflection of our realities. And our love.
  • by Jeanbaptiste Emanuel York III
    A noble birth doesn't necessarily result in a similarly noble end.
  • by Pollyanna Puckett
    This is a make-believe story about a real-world tragedy.
  • by John Blashex
    If a tree and a passing river were to wed, what might be the result? And what might we learn?
  • by Alastair Adamson
    A poet's inspiration can come in strange guise…
  • by Sea_of_okc
    When love crosses your path - Embrace it - Hold on to it - There's no way of knowing when or if it will ever happen again...
  • by Rebecca Marie Ramon
    Our choice of who we love should not be dictated by the opinions of society.
  • by Shawna Fernley
    In some stories, a rose represents much more than just love.
  • by Heth Bo-dog
    This is a story about sudden, unexpected death. And about forever love.
  • by Wendy Flora
    Even a monster has feelings. Even a monster is human.

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  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    This is a beautiful poem about a reality that may or may not exist. But if it doesn't - it should.
  • by Creep
    We, as poets, write about our emotions and how they affect us. This poem is a poignant portrayal of abuse - and evokes very profound emotion, indeed...
  • by Rima Darkstar
    If you could have one thing on a deserted island, what would it be? How about a pen, paper, and an empty bottle?
  • by Alastair Adamson
    This is a gripping story of medieval times, of a child's journey from death - to death.
  • by Shane Downing
    This is a story. About a man faced with choices, and the cost involved.
  • by Fred Hobbs
    This story is about love and loneliness, with equal measures of guilt and regret, told in a beautifully lyrical format.
  • by Brian Quinn
    This is a story of opportunity found within a new life.
  • by Nytedremer
    This poem is an intricate weaving of fact and fiction, prose and poetry, hope and despair. It is a story …
  • by Seth
    When men face each other in war, there can be but one victor. And it's rarely who you think…
  • by Michael Anderson
    This near-epic poem tells a dark story of magic and evil. Ah, but who works the magic and who does the evil?
  • by Michael Anderson
    Poems that tell a story are as old as time. Which, not incidentally, is what this delightful little fantasy is all about.

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