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The deeper the love, the greater the loss... How would it feel to find your soulmate - only to lose her? I pray that I never find out...

Death Claimed My Love

My story is a tragedy
Be prepared to cry
They say time heals all
But that is a lie

I searched my whole life
And I finally found
The one meant for me
Love and joy did abound

How quickly that changed
One ill-fated day
Death claimed my love
Death stole her away

Maddened by grief
Consumed by my sorrow
She was my future
Now I have no tomorrow

I stare at her picture
I long for her touch
I can still smell her
I miss her so much

I pick up my gun
And contemplate death
What use in living
When I feel so bereft

But life is a gift
And I haven't the right
So I put down my gun
And weep through each night

I mourn for her daily
There is no relief
My soul is tormented
My heart filled by grief

My life without meaning
No feelings but pain
Death claimed my lady
I can't love again

My bedmate is rage
My friend, misery
I live for my death
Cause she's waiting for me
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34 Visitor Comments

I can relate to this poem so I love it!
that was very beutiful
That Story really touched me. I just lost some one i love but not a boy friend it was my grandmar and i loved her very much that story made me think of her
beautiful poem. im sorry for your loss.
Your poem touched me and you were right i did cry. i know what its like to just want to lay down close your eyes and die. a feeling of nothingness nothing matters or never will. sorry for you loss. but im sure she wouldnt want you to be unhappy so live your days as if each one was your last and when the time comes for you to be together again it will happen. good luck with your girl for when you do passover to heaven or whatever else you may belive in. God bless
very moving and one of the best poems i've read in a long time nice work
This poem is very beautiful, I have not yet experienced the loss of a loved one like you have but I sure have experienced the gift of life that only God can offer. He heals all wounds and all your pain and sorrow he takes away if you would only give your life to him. Jesus loves you! All things happen for a reason. Give yourself to him and you will suffer no more.
This is a beautiful, yet tragic poem. I lost so many loved ones in my life. I lost my small son, and his father. I lost my sister and grandmother just recently. I feel such sympathy for the author, and pray that he finds happiness in his life to keep going on. God bless
the best poem
jaime lee
i loved this poem,simply perfect,sad and heart felt.
That is a very heart wrenching poem. I was in tears after the first line. Great poetry makes one feel with such emotion that it has to be expressed. GREAT work.
This is a heart filled story that i can relate to a lot. This is one of the best I have ever and will ever read.
i think that this poem was one of the best poems i have ever read it was soooo touching it almost made me cry i gave it a 10 out of10
whoo i never thought poetry could have such power,i lost my boyfriend about 4 yrs ago but i had never gotten over him and your poem just made set me free. now i know life goes on,thank you.
This poem is realy good because I felt the same way when I lost my girl 3 years ago
This was great! I could really feel the emotion! I am sure many people will feel for this welldone keep writing that is great!
Wow I felt the pain, I have heard others try to explain it. I hope I never realy feel what it was/is you are going through.
i loved your poem. It was so sweet yet sad. keep the good work up!
This poem was really good. its a fav of mine now.
this was a truly beautiful poem. it was very strong and emothional i can imagine how you feel
I Really Connected to this poem and felt every word i could feel the pain the poet was expressing within this poem. I know exactly what you mean, i had lost a really close friend of mine. and for the whole two months its been i have been really sad. This is really authentic and because i am learning how to write good poetry this has helped me out. i am doing a poetry anthology at school. i want to use this as apart of it ITS EXCELLENT!
this poem is sweet
My boyfriend, the most beautiful, gentle, and sincere man I've ever known. died on September 29th, 2002. He had just finished playing (bass guitar) at a benefit concert. He set his guitar down, and collapsed. I ran to him and he died in my arms. I can relate to every word of this poem.
a sad but beautiful poem
It was brillaint i loved it keep it up!
That is beautiful! I'm crying my heart out, i can honestly relate to your poem and i'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Thankyou for sharing your words with us.
i liked this alot. but it is really sad
this is absolutly fantastic poetry, it did touch me as i feel the poets pain. totally beautiful! thank you
It really touched my heart, and made me see how important it is to cherish thoes you love, before their gone.
This poem was so touching. The way he described his pain it really relates to me.
great poems. sad but good
This poem can be described with one word, BEAUTIFUL!
it was great.
JUST BEAUTIFUL! Haven't read such awesome poem since a long time. This person is truly talented.

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