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This is a Poem about a willow tree that metaphorically is in love with a river. They then seem to drift apart, and in the end, the Willow dies because of its loneliness and is therefore replaced by a small village.

The Willow

Standing gracefully on its strong base,
Swaying along the river bed,
Talking to the rushing water,
The water in which it is wed,

They stand side by side
As the wind rushes by,
His branches reaching down to touch his wife,
Their love is enough to make you cry.

But the water keeps on rushing by,
And now wants to move on,
Leaving the old willow behind,
Wishing that he had died.

So the willow weeps,
Every night and every day,
But the river does not care,
And simply moves on its way.

Now the willow has grown old,
Its branches hanging down,
But it weeps no more,
For in its place has grown a small town.
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12 Visitor Comments

I,have a beautiful Willow growing in our yard . An I really love this tree. The magic that is in them is wonderful. Your poem should make eveyone see how they should care for nature. Just really liked your poem. Thanks karan
I think it was a beautiful poem. It had great descriptions and you could actually pickture it in your mind!
I really liked this poem it touched me,,, but it doesn't give hope no more for the old tree. I liked it because once happened with me the same case. My grandmother used to like the tree amd her sons were like the river,I'm afraid that this will happen with my MAM. Please when you read this ask GOD for me amd for you to keep his blessing upon us. Thanks for the author :)
This is an awe-insping poem. Nice work, man. peace.
Good Good.
This style is much like the way I write so I really enjoyed reading it.
this is such a good poem, i love the cind of poems that have the hidden meanings
that was great it had meaning when a first time reader might scorn it i say good job and keep on writing
This poem is well written and tells us a lot about realistic relationships just like if a bird loved a fish were in love but where would they live.
Although I`m not a lot into poetry reading or even a lot of books, i had to recite a poem that i liked for a class presentation. And i feel that this poem has made me realise the importance of people in my life and increased my appreciation for them.
this poem was so good it intreged me
This poem was very touching, bringing a memory of me as a young girl, and was the river. I did create a family and fell in love with my soul mate...but I still think of the first love. The willow tree. I never meant for him to be alone.. My heart found its mate. Thank you for finding the words to describe my memory of the willo tree.

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