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Playing Guinevere and Lancelot with a poet on the Internet inspired me to write these sonnets. The muse was just "hanging" in the air and made me wonder how Guinevere and Lancelot may have expressed themselves towards each other, stealing a kiss or a secret touch, longing for the impossible.

Guinevere And Lancelot - Two Love Sonnets

My Love, Lancelot

My Knight thou art my love, my life, my sin
Thy love's a guiding light, the brightest star
Ethereal thy touch, like Angel's wing
Thy fiery glance, embracement from afar
This heart is thine forever and a day
Thou holds upon thy hand my fragile soul
My being trembles with delight each day
For thee, my kindred spirit, passion sole
Oh Lancelot, thou sets my heart afire
But what, I ask, mine heart bereft of thee ?
A cold and lonely dungeon; chained my fire !
As Neptune who cannot return to sea
I yearn to drink thy cup of Love divine
And pray the day to come thou steals what's thine

~ Guinevere

My Lady Dear

My Lady Guinevere, my love thou art
Thy love, in darkest night, a beacon bright
Thou sets my soul afire, all notion parts
Thy glance beyond ethereal delight
Thy touch alights my darkest gloomy night
Alike to Dragon's breath my passions burn
No quest, no grail can keep away thy Knight
For thee, my Love, from Death I shall return
My solemn vow for now and evermore
My heart, my soul, my life belongs to thee
Beyond the end of time and Heaven's door
My love thou art for all eternity
I yearn to drink thy cup of Love divine
And pray the day to come thou claims what's thine

~ Lancelot
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6 Visitor Comments

These are two of the most beautiful sonnets I have ever read. I adore Lancelot and Guinevere. Just outstanding!
Dearest Poet Munda, thy poetry doth move this Lady's heart. to believe once more in the Power of Love and the Bond that comes only from the Strength of Two. Merci beaucoup, c'est magnifique. !
The story of Guinevere and Lancelot is one of intense passion, love, sorrow, and regret. I love the way you have written from their hearts and minds here. This is beautifully portrays that love and forbidden passion!
I like your poem very much, you have to know that I was fascinated by the lancelot tale too and read almost all books about it (tennyson, malory, swinburne,.) you imitated the old style very well, the sonnet is beautiful, keep on writing!
it's so sweet!

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