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Growing up may be the hardest things we have to do, but its something we all must go through.

Growing Up

Paths we take
Choices we make
Paths we take alone
Choices we make on our own

We all grow up and learn
We all take different turns
Turns in our path of life
Turns that may lead to strife

Problems we go through
Problems exists in other lives too
Having problems are not wrong
Having problems do not stay forever long

Conflicts causes growth in many ways
Lessons we learn will always stay
Conflicts we gain as years go on
Lessons we learn, makes us more strong
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32 Visitor Comments

That was a really great poem. Life is really full of things to learn. and a lot of hard times. They all bring good though even if we see wrong. learning is life and thats what we do
i love it
i love this it is great
Desi Kuri
I love this, so awsome!i am doing essay and need to find a poem about Growing up and this one is the best. and i am gonna use. fanks for the great work. good luck!:D
i thought that your poem was awesome and it really got to me in a ay i never thought possible just by reading a poem. thanks alot youve given me great plaesure in reading this and hope to see more like this one. i give you a 9 1/2 for it!
this is a very touching poem lov it :)
i am doing a project on growing up and i loved this poem so much i used quotes from it and at the end of my speech i made everybody write down the website and to have a look at this and other poems
I love this poem. As much as I can say about my thoughts on growing up; its all in this poem. I must give her pros.
This is a really good poem because it ryhmes and it is totally on key. Great job I love i t
Awesome poem. It really tells what life is about while you're growing up.
I love the poem.
this poem is awsome and its soo true couldnt say it betta myself
this poem is brillant because it shows that you are not the only one that is going through puberty and that there are other people that understand your felling it doesent have to be you friends or family it is all teenagers in the world
I thought that the poem was great right now it seems to hit the spot for me. it is a peom on life and its very truthful. i give the person who wrote a lot of credit. i liked it a lot.
I thought that this poem was great because it tells life how it is. And how we take our own different paths. It was really great, keep writing!
I like it, it really helped me get through the issues I've been going through in the last few days. really explains the way teens are. good job =)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i think that was soooooooo great i really loved it. it suits my life so much at the moment an di just wnat to say that i am in love with a girl called you. i loved it
It's so true anyone can relate to it. I think that is why everyone likes is so much poetry should be real and from the heart. Bianca
I think that the poem was great! It had lots of emotion and it uplifted my day.
It was a truly brilliant poem
A Brilliant work of art!
This poem was gr8. I loved how it talks about life and what we really go through! Great rhyming!
Love The Poem! It Tells Life The Way It Is and What It Deals. Keep Up The Great Work!
This poem is insperational, and I resect you alot for your words and how you feel.
I really enjoyed your poem .u really understand what its like to try and know when u are "trying" and thats a bad feeling ..thanks its a great poem
Incredible. You have an gift of words. This particular poem is intreging and your own personal interpretation on one of the hardestparts of life. It has touched my heart and soul.You have a gift. Use it to touch others and guide the way. Use your gift and use it well.
this poem is really great.. It's really hard being a teen but somehow we get through it.. keep up the great work
great poem i like it alot. its great. i could never write a poem as good as that one. your a great poetry writer you should be famous some day. nice poem.
all i can say is i like it
I think this poem is great b/c its so true and its really hard being a teen and growing up!!

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