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This is a Lyric poem on my thoughts and feelings about music.


It’s very Powerful,
When it hits me,
I feel nice and cool,

Music is a way to feel,
It can cheer you up when you are sad,
Or calm you down,
When you are mad,

Music can do many things,
It can help you sleep at night,
No matter how you feel,
It will seem all right,

Music many different styles,
Loud or soft, short or tall,
Styles so numerous,
You couldn’t count them all,

Music can be anything,
It can be summer, spring or fall,
It can be everything,
Or nothing at all,

Sorry if you don’t agree,
But that is how and why I feel,
Music is as Powerful as it is,
It is here and very real.
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19 Visitor Comments

I really like this poem and I feel the same about that
This poem is unreal, like i love music i listen to it in school , home . well basicly any chance i can get. Its a realyy good poem:)
AbSotlutley TRue! i wrote something like that for english, its like a rewrite of my thoughts and feelings hehe :)
OMG! I loved that poem much it's really really true. While I read I couldnt help but smile. This poem is true, you are true. Keep up the good work! I'd rate this for 100!
i love you poem! i feel the exact same way about music. its my life!
Excellent poem. I also love music. I feel the same way you do about music.
yeah. totally. music is my life. its made me, its helped me live through this
Good poem! I play music and this poem describes it perfectly.
I really liked your poem. When ever I'm having a bad day I come home and turn on the radio or listen to a CD. Music is a huge part of my life. Your poem described it perfectly. Thank You!
this poem has a lot of meaning to me. I feel the same way about music. Musie make's life possible and without it i don't know what i would do. I really liked your poem very cool!
i really like this poem. because what you said that is what music means to me
Cool poem. Good to have someone realise that no matter what music you listen to it's cool. We should all respect other Genre's of music
I really respect what time you must have to dig deep and find the greater meaning in all of this, great job!
Exciting and different.
it's very touching poem
this is exactly how i feel about music. it put it into words perfectly. I complement him. =)
I like the poem i really think it tells exactly what music is

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