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This poem was inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth. We are currently reading that play in my British Literature class. I know what I'm saying in it, but I'm not quite sure who it is directed to. It's for someone who has been hurt seriously by someone emotionally, That person knows it's not their fault and yet they take the blame for it and they are very hard on themselves. So, in the poem it says to have mercy on yourself more than on others.

Cloud Of Mercy

Restlessness falls upon your cloud of mercy
Forgive the pain that crowns thy head
Forgive the pain that thorns thy heart
I fear you sail in a ship of stone
To put the weight upon your soul
A storm approaches as another passes
Wipe your hands of the blood you cry
Merciless is a storm
Fear not, build yourself an arch of wood
With two levels and covered pitch
let warmth abound your pierced heart
Forget those who cold-hearted you
Walk away from cold, cruel love
Uproot the rooted pain
Let it not set, and sprout into a tree
For it'd be damned in you
To cut it down
Throw the rock filled with pain
Overboard of thy wooden arch
And forgive of it, think of it no longer
For in the coming, it dost thee well
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5 Visitor Comments

this is an awsome poem keep up the good work ok love ya
i love it
I love it. it is very touching.
everything in this poem is real. I respect the poet because he held nothing back.
This poem is so cool.It tells how real and painful a tennagers life is and how it is to adulthood. :0)

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