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Teen Poems about Life

Life as a teenager is often very different than life as either a child or an adult. It is a turbulent time, with different obstacles to face, and often it seems as if there are many, many more of them. These poems are by teens, about teens, and about Life as they see it.

Teen Poems about Life (1-50)

  • by princess_belle
    Sometimes, people feel like they're all alone in the world and nobody knows who they really are.
  • by Christelle Duvenage
    These days, people don't like you for who you are, but how you look and how popular you are
  • by Lindsay Todd
    History teaches us many things about ourselves. Including, sometimes, how to cry.
  • by JOY 14
    Little girls can be very sweet, but when they get into trouble what can you do?
  • by Lanora Melillo
    If we hear it often enough, even lies can become a kind of truth.
  • by Christina Montano
    Sadly, a part of growing up may be disillusionment and the inevitable pain it brings.
  • by Alexandra
    Part of growing up is learning to make decisions. So why do they insist on making them for you?
  • by Christina Cooper
    Coming of age has very little to do with age. Becoming an adult, rather, is a learning process.
  • by Mic Finger
    Self-identity is a slippery little beast, especially in a world seemingly torn by its own identity crisis.
  • by Melissa
    Part of growing up is sharing those special moments with those we love - even if they no longer can be by our side.
  • by Kristen Perkins
    A new school can almost seem like starting Life over again. And the experience isn't necessarily a pleasant one.
  • by Ericka
    A newborn child is a beginning. In more ways than one.

Poems on Life Subcategories Menu

  • by Erin O'neil
    Even death cannot take away that which was freely and lovingly given.
  • by Ashtyn Bevins
    When tragedy strikes, the love remains.
  • by Jessica
    Sometimes, life be just plain confusing. And maybe a little frightening, too.
  • by Sarah Poet
    It's important that someone understand us. Or, at least, something ...
  • by Alana
    Being honest is not the same as being hurtful.
  • by Sarah Leindecker
    The death of a father raises many, many questions. And, perhaps, a few answers, too.
  • by Jennifer
    How we see ourselves can often define who we become.
  • by Monica
    We all have bad mornings. But some are worse than others.
  • by Tim Montano
    Sometimes it's good to look back, and realize life wasn't always so complicated.
  • by Little T
    Divorce is tough on a man and woman, but tougher still on the children who can only watch.
  • by Starburst
    No one, young or old, should be defined by a disability or health problem. Doing so does no one any favors.
  • by Penny
    Even in death there are lessons for the living.
  • by James Born
    To become more than we are, we must be able to see the possibilities.
  • by Quinten Christensen
    The most important thing in school is maintaining a good attitude. Yea, right…
  • by Olivia
    What do you see in the mirror?
  • by Jay
    How much of yourself do you share with the world? How much do you hide?
  • by Nicci Pagan
    When times get really, really tough - it helps to believe in something better.
  • by Claire
    Life can be so confusing!
  • by Asparagus
    There's nothing that say we can't be happy!
  • by Jenna Spears
    We all make mistakes. It's how we respond to our mistakes that determines our lives.
  • by Amy
    Growing up is just another phrase for learning about life.
  • by Evalyn Rose
    This young poet describes the social challenges and peer pressures that teens invariably experience.
  • by Jessie Duebler
    There's a big difference between being a father and being "Dad". How we handle that role when our children are young will affect them forever...
  • by Savannah
    There never seems to be enough time - especially when you're 13 years old.
  • by Tammy Walton
    The life of a teen looks a bit different - when seen through the eyes of a teen.
  • by Roche
    Adolescence is a time of obsession. Or is that true of every age?
  • by Lindsay Huffman
    What we see in others is really what we fear within ourselves.
  • by Crystal
    Accepting the responsibility for our own choices is the first step towards resolving many of our problems.
  • by Alesha Faulkner
    Being "popular" is important. Maybe too important?
  • by Nikki Moone
    There is no more confusing time in a person's life than that of adolescence. Sometimes, exploring those feelings - while it doesn't solve the problems - can help us cope with them.
  • by Phillip Burnette
    As we study the past, history teaches us about possible futures.
  • by Starlette
    Change, many say, is inevitable. And down-right scary…
  • by Ludie
    When you seek your own identity in this Life, you just might be surprised by the answers you find.
  • by Jordanna Tillinghast
    Saying goodbye can be difficult. Not have the chance to say goodbye is even more so.
  • by Jessica Miller
    Young people shouldn't have to contend with death. Unfortunately, it's part of life, and part of growing up.
  • by Je ' Free
    This delightful metaphor speaks of a very common need - the freedom to face our own pains and to grow from them.
  • by Mich
    We learn of Life from many sources. Sometimes even from the great masters of the heart.
  • by Roche
    The way others treat us, especially at school, isn't always right. And the results can often be anger mixed with the hurt.
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