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I am 14 years old, in the 8th grade in a small school, about 300 students K-12. I have been having a rough time for the past seven months. I have been hanging around the wrong kind of crowd, which has not given me the best reputation.

This poem is about how I have a rough life and I am not treated very fairly. Every day is a battle for me, but I still take all the blame for the things that I do wrong.


Some nights I stay up late and cry,
Other times I feel as if I could die!
In my life I feel not loved,
I always get kicked around or shoved.
But why should I be happy?
How can I be if I'm treated so crappy?
Every day seems like a battle.
I get thrown around like a baby's rattle.
Sometimes everything can be so scary.
Why can't I just be happy and merry?
For all my faults, I am to blame.
I am the one to take all the shame.
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45 Visitor Comments

i really like your poem, i can relate really well
Yeo Peck Lee
I can understand your feeling.
this touched me in alot of wayz i feel the same i have always been hurt most of my life but i just keeped it caged inside.
I can really relate to this feeling
your poem speaks the truth.
I like this poem a lot. I used to feel the exact same way until one day I simply said you know what? I'm just gonna suck it up and deal with it. But I think that this was an exellent poem and I would like to read more of your work.
this a poem that i can relate to. adn describes me very well. unhappy!
i love this poem. it is soo me. make more poems like this!
I can relate to this poem and Its exactly how I feel!
crystal this poem is so beutoful i love it you shold be thankful about your life and the gift that god has give you to write such beutiful and just great poems cincerely stephany n. y. 13.
i may seem like at an idiot and that i dont know what im talking about but im sure u`ll understand. i understand exactly how u feel even though i was never in that position, i was always the one pushing people around to make myself seem good u relize that later in life it was a waste of time and energy and it gets back to u in relationships with friends and FAMILY!
This poem sounds more like me. This is how i feel inside and i try to hide it a lot. I dont like to go places because of the way im treated everywhere. at home i hide in my room just so i dont have to even think about other people.
I feel the same way sometimes and think you did a really nice job on this poem. you are a great writer!
This poem describes exactly how I am feeling now! carry on writing!
I love this poem its like the person who wrote it knows me soo well i absoultly love it!
I think your poem is great. I could relate on that sometimes.
The poem is really good. I like it alot. It explains what alot of us teens go thougth. anyway good job. seee ya around bye
I feel the same way sometimes only i cant put it into words like you did! That was wonderful!
I understand everything you were trying to put out into that poem and I loved it! Great Job
mike macD
you sumed up my hole year in grade 7 just in the intro but then the poem i have been lookin around 4 poems this is my life u did some thing the average teen i toght no 1 could do so good luck in the rest of your life
hey girl, that poem of yours was really awesome. i hope things for you turn out okay in the end. hey, im sorta goin through the same sorts of stuff. good luck.
I like this poem because it's my life word for word. It made me realize that there are others like me, and that some are more unhappy than me, and that life goes on and each day we should take with strong hands!
When i read your poem i thought you wrer me you are lonely in side with a smile outside you cry late at night i do the same so, dont take the blame
i can really relate to this poem. It fits me really well.
i really like ur poem it was like me when i was in middle skool in 7th graded it good poem and i hope u set ur slef right i know its harded but if i can do it u can to
i really like this poem because it sounds just like my life
Gurl, first of all i just wanna say thanks to you for putting up your poems about the way you feel because it makes me feel better seeing that iam not the only one who feels this way. Ilove it, it's so true!
I love ur poem! It fits my live perfect! Everyone hates me n' i kno they do but no one wants to say it to me cept the ppl who i hate the most! Im always gettin pused arround n' ditched by friendz n' i kno how it feels! Im sorry that u had to go threw the same thing!
Its so true thank you for helping realize how true
Your poem was touching. I'm sorry for what you have to go through.. I kinda know how you feel.. Don't stop writting
I understand this poem. it's not about not being loved, it's about not feeling loved. This girl knows she is loved, but no matter what she does, she just doesn't feel loved. Everything she does is rejected. not good enough. tossed to the side. she doesn't feel like she matters.
hey, God can take care of that! You say: "Nobody really loves me." God says: "I love you." (John 3:16 and John 13:34) God loves you so much; I will be praying for you! God bless!
I liked this poem because of its strong expersions in a rhyme pattern.
Your poem is so awesome.if u eva feel like crap again, email me n we can talk.16/f.
This poem is just what my life is like! Isn't it strange that no matter where you are in the world there will always be someone thinking and feeling the same emotions as yourself. I have just been torn apart from a broken-heart, and have cried myself to sleep now for four weeks, life is definately hard and i can tell you now that it doesn't get any easier the older you get, it only brings along new love and new experiences.
Hey I really liked the poem. It reminds me of what is happening to me righ now. It is really touching. That is just really great. I really like it.
i think that your poem is really good. and it goes with me. i sometimes wonder if im the only one but know i read this i know im not the only one. love your poem
Thank you for opening up to all of us that share those feelings.
i think that your poem was very nice i liked it email me when you get some more
this poem fits with my life too well--i felt normal when i read it
If you ever need anyone to talk to e-mail me I am 16 and feel the same way you do
It seems that we have many of the same views on things. but don't worry.. its not you! Its people around you who dwell on putting others down. One day they will see. one day they will understand all of us!
i like this poem alot

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