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This is a poem about my impatience with people who never get to the point and are basically full of BS. It was written in a childish style of writing on purpose because impatience is a childish emotion, even though it may be able to teach us all a thing or two.


I'm made of silver, I'm not made of gold
Making up lies out of what I've been told
I can't be the first, I can't be the last
I fear of the future and not of the past.

Tell me the lesson, I'll get to the learning
I'll start the fire, then do the burning.
I'm a good girl, I promise not to bite
But hurry up because I can already see the light.

So get to the point, cause I'm not living long
give me the lyrics, I don't need the song.
I'm packing my bags, you can't beg me to stay
Cause I've made up my mind and I'm living this way.

I'm already gone, so get off my back
Cause when I've got reasons, I plan to attack.
You know that I'm stubborn, so don't mess with me
I'm like a caged lion, ready to be freed.
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16 Visitor Comments

WOW! this poem is awsome
wow, this was great! i am going to show my friends on the colorguard with me here in Livingston Texas, i really liked your poem.
Wow this is an awesome poem! i can totally relate especially with all the frustration. Keep writing
DANG! (i donno if i can say the other word coz it might not b proper but oh well who cares?) this poem is DA BOMB! i totally relate! it is sooo GREAT! keep on writing for us teens! :D :P
This poem is dope!
Joy Qiao Yi
It was such a good poem! It inspired me to write poetry to!
I just love this poem! I really understand what you're trying to say! Keep up the good work! =)
very powerful poem i can relate
Very good poem, very powerful.
I just turned 14 on nov. 30th 2001. I feel yhe same way this poem really touched and inspired me. People see me as nothing but im diffrent then what they see. I'm a lion ready to be freed. I have a cuple of poems im goinh to post soon Thank you for this poem.
I am a 13 year old, new at being a teen. I really think this poem would express my feelings and probably many others as well, and thoroughly deserves to be recognized for its excellence.
I really know how you feel because sometime I feel the same way, too.
That was a great perspective of life as a 13 year old girl. In some ways I feel the same way. Thanks Tia someone who was inspired by your writing that poem!!!
Read your Poem,reminds me of my teenage daughter.Excellent

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