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This poem is basically everything that I think and feel about life. I wrote it at a time in my life when I was so happy to be alive, I just had to tell someone. I am still that way today and when ever I feel a little sad, I just read this poem and I know why I am the way I am. This poem symbolizes my whole view of life.

I Am The Below

The weirdest feeling that I know
I don’t know very well
You burp the same time there is thunder
I think I am going to hell
I can do anything you say
Anything you say at all
I won’t need a warning or a sign
I am not afraid to fall
I can close my eyes and turn around
I am not that scared
I like my chocolate all the time
I am always being dared
I laugh at my friends they laugh at me
I always have so much fun
I think I have changed for the better
I am in love with everyone
I cruise in their car, whenever I can
I love the wind in my hair
I stick out my tongue and wave it about
I never take any care
I love the smell of looming rain
I think I think too much
I love the trees, skies and moon
I would love to be able to touch
The stars that are in the sky
The pulse of thoughts in my mind
The rain that keeps falling down
I am so happy I am alive.

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5 Visitor Comments

happy to see a poem about happy things and how life is good, i was kinda sick of hearing depressing poems.
this poem put a smile to my crying face. incredible.
I'm a deffinate fan, great work
Very passionate poem about life, I love it. It certainly cheered me up, Thank you for the poem.
This is the perfect poem for my life at this point! It's such an expression of freedom! I am not comfortable with my own poetry, but I love to come here and read the wonderful poems which express the ways my friends and I feel that I cannot convey in my own words. Thank you

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