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This poem is about my love for my little sister, who died from brain cancer at the age of 10. It is about the love she shared and the love I still have for her.

Sisterly Love

Your ear to ear smile brought joy to us all
As my sister you knew just what to say
When I felt worthless you helped me stand tall
Now you have gone, how I hated that day
I feel my life has been torn apart
You taught me how to be strong, loving and wise
I know you live on, inside of my heart
Though everyday a part of me dies
But when I think of you it helps me go on
So I thank you for all the love you have
I still can't believe that you are now gone
When you left you were so little and brave
Not only were you my sister and friend
But you always had a hand to lend
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87 Visitor Comments

this's a very heart touching poem. i love it.
this poem touch my heart and i was on the brick of tears. i have a sister and i cant think about life without her. your poem was wonderful
. ,'. its touch me to the Fullest!Its Like Me and my teacher mam abigail. Shes there Whenever I need her.
I really like this poem because it reminds me of me and my sister, except for the end because she is not gone yet.
hey ur poem is reely touching and it reminds me of how much i love my brother even though he annoys me, and thank u so much its a great poem and i hope u can recove. loadsa luv xx
this poem really grabbed my heart. i to had a twin sister that died when we were 9 years old from cancer and life for me has been very hard but to know that i am not alone makes my day worth living. thank you for writing you have saved a lonely heart.
Evelyn Mclaren
This poem was emailed to me by my sister Gloria presently studying at the University College of Belize while I was at Earth University in Costa Rica. It touched my heart and actually found tears in my eyes. I really apreciate and love the poem very much. Tnanks to the author.
I cried. The courage it takes to express what you feel is astronomical. I've never experienced anything like that in all my 16 years but you gave me courage today. I thank you for that.
This poem was sooo touching and teaches us to not to take advantage cause we never would want this to happen to us. Ur poem wasss GREAT!
great poem
these poem is amazing! i'm so sorry about your sister. you have a talent with your peotry.
that was a very good one . thumbs up
I like that poem and it really touched my heart cuz my best friends is my sisters,Cedrika,Cedrionna,and Arie they are the best friends and best sisters i can have.
it was really good when i read it tears fell down my cheeks and i really felt the thing the author wants the readers to feel. the words she used were great! i hope you had recovered! i felt the same because my sister gave that kind of love to me!
this poem describes exactely how a sister should be. i never really had such a sister but now i know what to look for and how to show my own sister what a sister really is.
this is a wonderful poem. i hope everyone else likes it as much as i did!
This poem really applies to all sisters and that mekes it really special.
this poem is a great poem i love the way u set it help just remember to keep your head up
This has got to be the most heartwarming poem I have ever read. I myself having four sisters, I know just what joy a family can be. (Brothers are fun too!) Keep working and perhaps write another one someday?
that poem was so touching and i think that was one of the most coolest poems i ever read
this poem realy touched me becuase i know if would have ever lost my sister i would be devistated and my grandpa died from brain cancer and its not easy so i feel your pain
i loved this poem it made me cry my sister get really sick we thought she was going to die but she got bitter but i keep thinking what if shed died i don't no how i'd go on but after i read your poem i no now that if she did she wouldn't have really gone because shed live on in me thank you and i'm really sorry a but your sister.
your poem not only made me feel wot a sister is worth but it also touched my heart and showed me how much i love my sister at the moment my sister has anorexia and she is 43 kilos and she is 18 years old soo i thank you so much for that poem. love alwayz and forever Taylah
hey i loved that poem so much it alwayz made me cry but i am going 2 stand tall what my sister told me too do!
This is a really good poem good job on it . But it touched me . i cryed reading it
awww i think dis poem is really good but very sad. Who ever wrote dis i give u madd props niice goin nd i hope for da bes of u x0x pCe
this is a great poem
u know how 2 get 2 a person dont u well all i gots 2 say is u get the highest rating there is a 20
this has been the only poem that has touched my heart cause if my sister past away i dont think i will be able to control my self
i have sister to and this poem showed me that if something happens to my sisters i would lose my mind
this is so great, my friend passed away last night,i have known him since pre-school. it was tough, but now i see theres more to life,thank you so much
u did a great job u reminded me of my lil brother he past to and i felt da same way
I like this poem because it shows that they were really close as friends and as sisters. My sister and I are like that, too. But we will probably be even closer if she ever leaves.
Hi im sorry bout ya sis i love ur poem it is great,it made me cry! I dont have a blood sis only an in law and i cant imagine loosing her.
Wow! That was a really good poem! I wish you the best of luck with your life and I am so sorry to hear about your sis. just remember that she is in a better place now and you will get to be with her one day ok! Keep your head up and your chin high!
i thought this poem was really great becuz i also have a sis and i kno how close sisters are. and i can imagine how hard it was losing ur sis. your a really great writer and u should keep writing
Ashtyn Bevins Hello their I LOVED your poem! It remindes me sooo much of two people I know. (they are my negbhors) She lost her sister at the age of 17 because of suicide. They were very close and when her sister died she couldn't sleep up stairs anymore so they gave her the computer room to make it into her room. She use to sleep with her sister at night and she would have to go threw her sisters room to get to hers. Her death date is coming up on October 27th She killed herself on her little cousins birthday he's now in 5th grade. She will be 19 yrs old. I just wanted to say your poem touched my heart and others to this day i hope you don't mind but i'm gona print it off. Loved it! Nice job and I'm sry if youved lost a loved one! best wishes ~Always~n~Forever~ Chels
that poem is great it made me wanna cry sooooo much. cuz mi sister died at 3 month. they cudn't tell us what from cuz they didn't noe.
I really enjoyed your poem it reminds me of a really good friend who almost like a sister
this was so toching . I lost my baby sister(Thyia) Aug. 5th,2003. It still hurts so bad. She was 28,comeing home and was hit head on by someone on drugs.
i really loved this poem. im always complaing about my little sister but you helped me realize how lucky i am to have such a nice and beatuful sister.
Thank you so much for writing this poem. My little 12 year-old sister recently passed away after a seventeen-month fight with bone cancer. I've been having a difficult time coping with her loss and the poem you wrote helped me feel as though other people can relate to my emotions.
This poem really touched me. My sister, 19, and I, 15, have not always been close. Infact we fought a lot when she lived at home, then she started to drive at age 17 and moved out of home at 18. This helped her mature a lot because she wasn't really much of a sister to me but ever since she moved out of home we've become closer than ever and it feels great. I'm very protective of my sister and quite recently my sister was diagnosed with and STD passed on to her from a guy, which i'm not happy about. This made me realise more how much i actually love her and we're really getting along heaps. We talk about everything and anything and i couldn't imagine life without her so hang in there Ashtyn
This is a really cute yet tragic poem. I love my sister so deeply and if i ever lose her. My tears will be an endless stream.
I loved this poem. My sister dies when she was 11 and I was 7. I know all the pain the author is feeling, and she expressed them in a neat way!
Awww. this makes me feel like I want to cry because I have a sister whom I don't really get along with . but I showed this to her . it makes you think about the "what-if's" . peace out gurl
I loved the poem. it made me think of the girl in our community that just lost her twin so thank you.
I LOVE THIS POEM! On February 1st my sister Kelli passed away due to injuries recevied in a car wreck me and my little brother were involved and I walked out with a Concussion and He walked out with a sliced Liver and 2 broken ribs it is amazing how I was sitting RIGHT next to my sister( she was Driving ) she was only 16 and she was my BEST friend I love this website and I respect and love htis poem it is SO true like word for word thanks for letting me see this posted on the net.
dang girl, that was so beautiful really u get a 20 i hope u the best in life .
This is a terrific poem. I dont know what I would do wihout my sister
Hey i love your poem i just lost my bestfriend last month and this rminds me of this poem good job
This poem is sooo sweet! When I was reading this poem it reminded me of my sister and I. I love it!
I loved your poem!It really made me think of my little sister. She is a baby but I still wouldn't want to lose her. I love my sister very much and I couldn't think of one moment of not having my sister. I bet it was hard for you and I bet it took you a long time to get over losing her. I hope I would never lose my sister. My sister is like all of my heart. This poem really touched my heart. You done a good job and keep doing it.
i thought this was a very deep n passionate poem, n sorry to here about ur sister.
this poem is so good it made me cry
This poem is the most beauiful thing I have ever heard, with just hearing the title made me drop in tears, and when I read it I tought it was me living the poem.
It was a sad poem but it was great
tt is a sweet poem. i cried reading this. so sorry about your sister
I thought the poem was good and a lot of people can relate to that situation including me.
I really like your poem, I love how it is a bout your sister that die at year 10. That is so sad. I'm sorry about that. I'm just glad that i have a sister that will always be there 4 me!
you done very well on your poem. I was very touched.
that is a very excellent poem. it is kind of sad though. keep writing,your good!
Really touching poem. I really can relate to this poem because i lost my twin when i was little because my mother could only support one baby in her stomach and when we were born they told my mother my twin (who was a boy) was dead and even though me and my brother never grew up together he still grows inside of me.
this poem was a great poem. it was very touching and i can relate to it very much, granted the one i lost wasnt really my sister but close enough to it and readyign this poem showed me how much of an impacted her death has had on me
Great poem I have a little sister and wouldnt like lossing her shes the little joy of my life she keeps me happy all day long and I love those moments when she looks up to me. She will always be with u keep that on mind.
thats a great poem, my friends sister died in a car crash last thanksgiving-- she was 16 and my friend is 13. i know it is hard for her. im sure it is hard for u.
Your poem is great. It startled me, you see, because I lost my little sister to brain cancer too. She was 8, I was 13. Your poem says the words that I can't say all the time.
i really enjoyed reading the poem. It gave me a lot to think about when I think about my sister. My sister means alot to me and I live her with all my heart. Her 17th birthday is approaching and I wanted to do something special. I decided to make her a home made card and inside there would be a bunch of poems and qoutes. I know she likes poetry so it would be a good gift. i dedcided to use this poem giving full credit to the author(of course).
i liked ur poem it was nice.
Wow!I really loved that poem. my sister also has cancer, she is 19 now. so yes. i understand totally what you are saying!
You poem is very good and sad, I love my sister every much and if i would lose her, i do not know if i would even be able to write poetry. Keep Stong!
Oh my God! I don`tknow what to say your poem is so special to me. I have three sisters and they mean so much to me. I am very sorry you lost your sister I have no Idea what I would do without them! You are GREAT
This is a really sad ,touching,and great poem please dont stop writting.
I know how you must feel..when i was 2 years old, my mom was pregant with my brother and sister. but they died inside her. so i live feeling a guilt because i think that me and my brother(we're twins, too) were too much for her to handle. but i'm sure you sister is with mine. i'm sure they're ok. they're watching over us each day.
oh my god! your poem had me in tears, im very close to my big sister, and if i lost her i don't think i could go on-well done for being so strong-im sure she'd be so proud of you.
very touching.keep writing.
i think that is poem is very good
This poem really touched my heart! I have two sisters and this poem really tells the truth! This poem was hard for me to read, but I'm glad I read it! Like, I said this poem touched my heart! Thank you Jessi
An excellent poem A poem that touches people and leaves a lasting impression.
I love this pome it made me think more about my sister. that not only she is young but she will follow me so I need to not put her down, pull her up when she falls down. Because I know one day I will need her to do the same for me. this pome help me best friend because her sister might die soon now she know that she must give her all the love hse can I and she would like to thank you for your help that your pome did for us. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
i feel very sorry for you but it is life where anything can happen. i appreciate your love for sister which you have expressed through your sentimental poem.please dont stop writting beautiful poems.
this is so beauitful i lost my baby sister i was 4 and she was 2 ill never forget it and i try so hard to let my kids no to love each other is so very inportant. you and your sister will live on forever just therw your love for each other god bless you
I think that is so sweet and sad I can't say I know how you feel but I feel what you are going through!

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