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I'm only 16, but I feel like I already know how adulthood feels. Throughout my life I have been through many difficult tests, many of which I failed. But in failing, I never truly lost. I believe with any failure in our lives, we gain a new strength and a new wisdom to deal with the next test.

And when you realize that, can you know the true feelings of adulthood.

Welcome Me, Adulthood

Welcome me, Adulthood, I have ventured
through childhood with all the wonders and dangers in it.

I have placed my childhood fantasies aside,
and picked up hopes of becoming who I want to be.

Embrace me knowledge,
I am ready to know more and add to what I know already.
I have conquered my fear of the night,
now I only fear of becoming nothing.
I have stopped pretending to be what I thought I was going to be,
and realized that I am only what I make of myself.

I have come down from the land of make-believe,
and I have found the strength to believe in me.
So when I come upon you, open your arms,
and welcome me, Adulthood,
for I am headed your way.
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47 Visitor Comments

i thoght this poem was amazing. and i just wanted to know if i could borrow it for a project that i have to do for coming of age
this is a realy nice poem, and everything in it is absolutely true
omg i loved this poem it inspired me!
i think your a great poet i know how heard it is to share any writing with people so for you to post yours online is great i like the poem it is heart touching thanks for sharing it with us
Wanted to find something to help my son get through a traumatic moment in his life, often he feels as if he is the only one who has gone through whatever it is he's feeling right now.
My son turns 18 next month. Your poem made me cry.
i now wat u mean i am only 14, i look after 2 kids it's hard
this poem really touched me, i used it on my voicemail on my cell phone. It me because i am about to go into adulthood and i want everbody to know and that i am no longer a child.
I was looking for an appropriate verse for my daughter's graduation/off to college invitation and came across this poem. I found it extremely fitting and it emotes what I think she is feeling. Thank you and keep writing.
I loved it.
i love this poem. its so me but at the same time i dont want to grow up. adulthood is scary. ppl expect a lot more of you. i wish the adults would let kids just be kids and when we want to we will hit reality and start growing up to be who we wanna be. i wish all of u guys much luck!
i feel what your saying, i couldnt even list the things i have been through & i am not even 16 yet, things no 16 yrs old should ever have to experience & it has forced me to grow up, but i got through it & now im ready to be the person i've always wanted to be, i just have to get there now.
i like this poem. it reminds me of myself. im goin to be 16 n life is crazy
it's a great poem because in a way it teaches you as a young adultthat life is important.
I came on here looking for some words of wisdom and i foun a that i was looking for in your words! thank you and keep helping other confused teens such as myself you are a talented and wonderful person,really you are!
hi my name is sandra and i love poetry and for some reason ur poem just stoped and touched me i really like it
Hey i know exactly what you mean, cause i was forced to grow up too fast and i am also only 16.
i thought this poem was the best one i have ever read because it had a great touch in it and i felt so happy when i read it and when i looked at it before i read it i thought this poem looks really good i also thought it looked to long and i wasnt going to read it even though i thought it looked really good but im glad i read it now
that poem is very goooooood it reminded me of me because i was ready 4 adult at a very young age keep going w/ yo poems u will achieve something great
i like this because they know that they are talking about
I like the poem.
i love it
Im inspire of your poem! I think I should add you in my insipirational list of great poets. ;) Your poem. relates me a lot. if i had a chance to add more in your poem. i'll make it more insipiring. ! :)
I have recently been on work experience andthis has made me relize just how mutch i loved it. thx
This is one of the most intense poems I have read in a long time. I want to thank the author for creating something so beautiful that I can relate to so completely. The transition from adolescence into adulthood is far from easy. and everyone needs to know that. I'm just past that stage of my life and reflecting on the trials I have overcome these past few years is almost exhilarating. I know now, that I can overcome anything! and that's the perspective that your poem embodies for me :) Thank you!
a friend once told me when talking about love and loss that if you truely love someone you give them your heart to do with what they want. And if they break it atleast you will have the memories and nothing to regret. it was good advice and i will always remember it. i'm not really sure what that has to do with your poem but i've never really understood poetry anyway.
entering adult hood is very scary i am only 15 and know what you are going through from the time i was 3 i have been taking care of myself. unless i was w/ my grandma who is now dying i'm afraid. but I KNOW GOD will make a way and help me along and i belive he'll help you to!
I thought this poem was really toushing to me I really liked it!your very talented keep up the cool poems
this is exactly what Im goin through. Im happy im not the only one
Hi, this is the Authour of Welcome Me Adulthood. To everyone who commented on it, thank you. Its nice to know my writing touches the hearts of people. I'm curently serving in the Army and on tour in Iraq for a year. Your kind words really lifted my spirits out here. If you would like to get ahold of me I'll be updating my email address. Thanks again.
To my dear friend Christina. I should have done this along time ago. you are a very magical and beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your time with me, making me a better person and for allowing the world to see a small piece of the strength you have inside. We are better people because of souls such as yours. Someday far too soon, when we put an end to our story. . because of your friendship, I will still feel the same that day as I do today, blessed.
This is a kool poem. It reminds me of what i'm going through because im almost an adult.
This poem really descirbes me,I love it. June 5,2003 the class has to read they're poem to the class and I'm going to read this one because tis is my favorite poem yet!
i was looking for a poem to give me ideas for my english project and as i looked through poems on teenage life, it took me so long to find a positive one! i liked this poem alot because it embraced the many opportunities given to us
This is a beautiful poem. There are so many tribulations encountered when growing up. Be strong and be yourself and you'll be okay.
This is my first visit on this site, I have chosen three tittles but among those yours is the best.
Wow. I never knew someone could write so powerfully, and to be still a teen is amazing. Keep up the good work!
hey christina, my favorite line was "now i only fear of becoming nothing" that is exactly how i feel right now.
I like this poem because it reminds me of my brother so i'm going to send him this. he need a big help on Adulthood he is 21 and has never had anyone help him learn to be Adult and he has a little girl. maybe this poem will open his eyes.
Very nice and amazing poem
Wonderful poem chicka! Its absolutely beautiful. You should be proud of it :)
When I clicked on the teen poetry i just thought that it was going to be all these cute rhyming poems but after i read a couple of them, i connected really close to this one. Especially about the childhood dreams part, i so related to that. All of my life i've had my mind set straight on one career. Just a year, i totally abandoned that idea and went in the opposite direction. So, i thought this poem was very well written
hi, your poem was really great. i can't find the words to describe your amazing poem
It's a good, strong poem with a meaning that rings all too true along with being easy to relate to.
This was a great poem. I wish every teen could read it. It really states the truth!! Thanks for this wonderful poem-it really touched me!

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