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This poem I wrote for a guy that I liked. Some guy told him that I had a boyfriend. When I told him that I didn't he didn't believe me. He believed his friends over me. Later when he found out his friend was lying he came back to say sorry. It hurt but I sent him away. I went home the night he came to say sorry and I wrote this. I think I loved him. But it will be a long time until I can forgive him. That was the biggest mistake he ever made, I hope realizes it now.


I turn around and see you,
Standing stiff with pride.
Your face is turned from me,
But deep feelings you cannot hide.

I see your smile vanish,
As you turn to look at me.
In my heart I know,
The truth you'll never see.

You think I have betrayed you,
You think I have done wrong.
But I will not let you know what you had,
Until I am gone.

You are blind to me,
To what I am inside.
But one day you will learn,
To cast away your pride.

Maybe then I will forgive,
But I never will forget,
The tenderness you once showed me,
The sweet words you now regret.

One day I will return,
To see if you have learned,
The greatest Jewel you ever possessed,
Was the one that you so burned.

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18 Visitor Comments

that is a really good poem and it is very deep i can really relate but in different ways
wow! i loved it! i went through that once and when i let him know exactly what i felt, and how i was sorry. well. we're back together now and he says loves me. i know he does! and we will be together forever!. just hang in there! if he loves you. u will be together again! love chrissy
hey dear wow that was a great poem iam in the same switch u ashion right now iam srry it happend to u it hurts really bad but that was great i love to write poemas to!1 keep up the good work bye luv cindy
This is exactly how I feel right now. I'm gonna read it to my bf and see what they say. THANK YOU! ITS BEAUTIFUL!
This poem is so cute! lol I love it.
i like!
This poem is sexy
that poem is hot. it expresses true feelings and not carin about wat he/she says. one of the ebst ive read in quite a while
This is a really great poem! I can totally relate to it!
hey i just wanted to say that this poem.. is great.. and.. that it is the exact way that i feel..right now....
OMG! I know exactly how you feel! This poem really touched me! It is more than beautiful!
I really liked that poem because it reminded me of what I recently went through.
That was the best poem out of all the poems I read so far. Super:)
ur poem made me's how i feel for this guy i am in love with..who i feel will never give me his heart in return...why do i have to learn the hard hurts to bad
I just want to say that this is a great poem!!!It is really touching and it made me want to cry:( Good job!
I think this poem is really good and when i read it i know exactly what they are talking about!!!
sounds just like me and my one boyfriend
I belive that the pome is great, because I can understand what you are saying,and the way you put it is the great thing about it.

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