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Teenage Love Poems (51-100)

  • by Jana Mazeika
    Has anyone ever asked, "Why are you smiling?"
  • by Steve
    Breaking up doesn't always mean we stop caring…
  • by Aboutangel
    Are eyes the windows to our souls? Or the doorways to our hearts?
  • by Princess
    Life is full of choices - sometimes between love and friendship.
  • by Luvbug
    We all make mistakes. Sometimes the price can be very high.
  • by Amy Stein
    When you ask a question and receive no answer - sometimes that is the answer.
  • by Jessica Genest
    Love at first sight?
  • by Mastakate
    With love sometimes comes doubt.
  • by Rachel Abrams
    Where there is love, forever seems a very small thing.
  • by Leslie Dixon
    Listen closely, and you can hear "it" speak to you…
  • by Michael Bush
    Sometimes we must simply let go of things or people that we just want to cling to.
  • by Daisee_aj
    Relationship don't always start as we might expect, nor end as we might wish.

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  • by Sleeping Beauty
    Sometimes we meet people we think are really a dream come true, that fate is for once in our favor…
  • by Christy Wolfe
    Have you ever really tried to explain love to someone?
  • by Caria Canalez
    Can a poem, however lovely, really change fate? Maybe it can…
  • by Megan Everhart
    When two people can't communicate, because of lack of trust, both are bound to suffer.
  • by Jennifer Calzo
    Can you remember the exact, precise moment you fell in love?
  • by Steve Beaudry
    When lovers don't get to spend too much time together, they appreciate the time that they have. They know it is very special, and keep each other very close at heart.
  • by Tammy Peters
    One of the most difficult aspects of young love is wondering how your feelings for each other will be accepted by our peers. This poet explores those feelings...
  • by Wishing
    Accepting our parents' restrictions on the time we spend with the one we love can be very difficult...
  • by Lonely Dreamer
    Recovering from lost love is perhaps one of the most excruciating experiences we can endure.
  • by Sarah
    When the cat's away, the mice do all sorts of lovely things.
  • by Jen, Jess, Jess, & Kate
    The emotions that we feel when we're in love are the same whether we are fifteen or fifty...
  • by Roche
    A good song lyricist is also a good poet - This author aspires to be both.
  • by Sparkles
    If you complain about the one you're with, don't be too surprised when the tide turns.
  • by Sparkles
    Love often needs reassurance. But how often?
  • by Amy
    How long can love last?
  • by Tana Holland
    We can learn much through love. And, too, sometimes from its loss.
  • by Melanie Teresi
    First loves are always remembered and so are first kisses. Missing them and believing them is all a part of love.
  • by Jessica Armstrong
    The innocence and unselfishness of first love is very nicely portrayed by this talented young poet...
  • by Julie Turner
    It always hurts to lose that special someone. Especially to your own sister.
  • by Stephani Stone
    Love isn't Love if expressed for the wrong reasons.
  • by Em Bohrer
    Being ignored can be painful. But even pain doesn't destroy hope.
  • by Taylor Hamilton
    Love is the process of learning about another. Unfortunately, what we learn can sometimes leave us feeling bitter.
  • by Michael Cerda
    Sometimes one person simply wants more than another is able to give.
  • by D84honey
    We all have fantasies of the way love should be. And sometimes the best fantasies are from another point of view.
  • by A Lonely Heart
    Sometimes, we can get what we want only when we stop trying…
  • by Mandiee
    What must it feel like when the person you love moves away?
  • by Panda
    Distance is a barrier that can cause a great deal of pain. But the pain is still never more than the joy.
  • by Familiar Perplexity
    What must it be like to see so many others in love, and never have experienced the feeling yourself?
  • by Angelina Axtell
    Sometimes, when we're very very lucky, we get a second chance.
  • by Amy
    Misunderstandings can hurt everyone involved. And, too often, destroy what was once very beautiful
  • by Jessica Lee
    Two people in love can't always deal only with themselves. Sometimes, they have to deal with the past as well.
  • by Lauren Burnett
    Sometimes people just don't listen to us. Even those we love.
  • by Erin Young
    What happens when you fall for the same person as your best friend?
  • by Linzi
    Friendship and Love are two powerful emotions. When the are at odds with each other the result can only be confusion. And, too, anger.
  • by Stephanie Estrellado
    It's not too tough to say it, but sometimes it's very tough to answer why.
  • by Sally
    It's not easy to forget or get over another, when you run into them at school all the time.
  • by Audrey Monique
    Sometimes we meet the right person at the wrong time. And we have to wait…
  • by Jessica Lee
    Life often entails tough choices. And, even more often, it entails waiting.
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