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a poem about when you want that person back and you just can't have them

I Miss You

I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss everything about you.
I see you everyday and all I can do is smile and wave.
When I really want you back I care so much for you.
I don't understand what did I do?

I thought we would be together for so long
You were so sweet and charming with you words you said.
But something happened I don't know what went wrong
I cried so hard just lying in my bed.

I say I am over you but I really know
I can't forget you and I never will.
I want you back and I love you so.
You don't even care and don't even know.

I saw you the other day
Talking to some girl I don't know
I stopped and stared I just couldn't look away.
It hurt so bad why did it have to turn out this way?

I guess we'll never be together again like I had wished.
I'll never forget you and the times we had.
The places we went and when we kissed.
I don't hate you and I am not pissed.

I just miss you so but I guess you'll never know.
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102 Visitor Comments

La Cresha
that was really amazing because that just reminded me of me and my ex we were ALWAYS togther and i do not no what happend i wish i did no but i will never no why and we have somthin in common because i seen him with a girl and it hurt me and i asked my self why why me i dont no but that was a really tuching poem great job
i love this poem it remindes med of me an my x boy friend
omg i love this poem so much. it really touched me because it reminds me what i went trougt adn still am going thorugt with my boyfriend who i went out for with 4 months & i was madly in love with. & then he broke up with me & the next day went out with this girl who i hate with a passion rigth now becayse she knew how much in love with him i was but she still went out with him. & i know deep down he still has feeling for me, & hopefully soon one day we will go back out. i love him so much you have no idea no one does. thats why this poem is so amazing. i love it
OMG that poem made me cry! i loved it so so much! haha im only 15 and still dont no what love is yet but you see i had a boyfriend and i messed that up with him. i miss him still but i dont no how 2 tell him! lol funny thing is he still calls me and looks for me but i dont no what i should do! o well anywayz i LOVED your poem. bye *gabby*
this poem is so prettty I looove it! it brings me memories
You should give that poem 2 him and see what happpens. You might be surprised at what might happen in between you 2 after he reads it.
wow. Thi is so true god i miss Zach so much. I wish I could hold Him again:( :'(
This poem was good no it was great it made me cry. think you for shareing this pretty poem with me it really tounch me in the right place. think you
that remides me of me and my e boyfriend
That is a really good poem i like it alot you should keep up the good work!
well I loved this poem very much b/c i once love this boy named Anthony and yeah he really did men alot to me. but who know's if well ever get back together
i really like this poem becuz i can relate to it . i went through the same thing
It is so true!
I liked the poem alot! It really touched me because i was in a relationship with someone an he was my first true love and it reminds me of him. Good job!
I love this peom. Its so sad to me because I am goin through that right now. Me and my boyfriend Daniel was together for 5 months, and we where in love so much but something went wrong. I just hope that we can get back together one day.
man i tell u what this sounds like all my feelings yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me. i have never creid so much in all my life. i loved him so much nad i still do. i would do anything to get back i cant still remember the we first kissed (may 20th) i just love this poem
hey i love this poem it says so much about what life is about trying to find Mr right you know and when you see that someone you truly love and they dont feel the same it is that hardest and that is what this poem explains. its great!1
this is the best poem that i have ever read in my life! keep it up! this is the bomb for a broken soul! i love everything about it! make another one just like it!
hi , my name is steve, yes im a guy,but the poem i have just read can relate to both sexes, i found the love of my life and then lost her,still think of her every day and night,what makes it more difficult is i work in the same place as her. we speak and txt but i know we will never be back together again,this poem says it all it is so tender and loving,many thanks for letting me have the privilege to read it.
this is an awesome poem my boyfreind just brokeup with me and I feel so much like that poem. I love it.
i felt that poem was just 4 my ex- bestfriend except the part that said ill never forget ur kisses, but the rest i felt i was about to cry.
I love this poem it was so true to me because i lost someone that i loved so much he broke my heart when he said those too words IT'S OVER boy was i sad but now it 's over and i guess 4 eva i loved it it really touched
hey! this is a great poem and you did a great job writing it. i am a poet myself but not as good as you. you are really good and all i wanted to say is great job!
this poem touched me coz this is how i feel bout sum 1 n it hurts so much coz i cnt tell him how i feel bout him coz den he would walk out of my life 4 good n i dont want that to happen u see but its very moving poem!
I love this a poem so much. I just lost someone and the poem remind me of them so much. I heard he waz talking anther girl to. I love all your poems Sarah.
I really really liked it. I can completly connect with what you're going through. I hope you get him one day. x
Wow. It was like reading my thourghts on paper. Never read something so true in my life. It reminds me of this one person who i thought was really special, we went every where together we were the best of friends. We thought that was the most important thing, being together yet also being best friends. Then after 3years of being together he went on holiday with his parents, as normal, but when he came back he was different and acted funny. He got me a present and everything told me how muched he missed and loved me, yet something still was wrong. The next day he just told me we couldn't be together any more i was deverstated. I went into the the city with my mates the next weekend and saw him leant up against the wall talking to this girl. I just stoped and stared my friends walked off without me not noticing i had stoped. But the girl he was with saw me and asked my ex-boyfriend why i was staring, i knew this cuz he just wized around and saw me. He called my name but i just burst out into tears and ran. Now i have to see him at school everyday with this new girlfriend, it tears me up inside. I have this emptyness. It's confusing. Yet i want him back. Yet i know i should not go back to him for all he has put me through. Good luck girls boys smell throw rocks at them.
I really liked ur poem it made me realize what i felt when one of friend that i like stoped talking for a month but we are talking know so everything is all good.
this poem is so true it doen't mak no since. i broke up with my love for almost 3 years. I don't know what went wrong i really love this poem sally, you broke it down. go girl continue on thanks i made me a copy of this keep up all the great work. i'm a black female from north carolina and i am 17yearsold thanks.
it good
crazy ally
i do not kno wat 2 say it iz incredible
I really like this poem, it tells me more like my life. When you had that person in your life. I loved it?????
This poem touched me in so many ways. It describe how I feel about my exboyfriend. This poem is very touching! I love it.
This is a great poem I love it! This poem reminds me of my ex-boyfriend his name was chris me and him was together for 3months he moved out of state while we was dating for like a month then he moved back I still love him but I know I will never get to be with him again but I also know I will never forget him he is in juvi now and I wrote him but he wont reply But this poem explains exactly how I feel and those feelings never will change. Thanks your a great writer!
i really loved it. i can relate to it ALOT.
i really liked that poem. it was truly nice!
I love this poem it's like she know me tyhis is exactly how i feel about this boy Clayton.
Dude, this poem describes exactly what I am feeling right now! Thanks so much for writting this poem. Keep it up gurl!
this poem is really good! im going through the same situation! it helps to know someone else understand!
Wow, I can relate with your poem so well! Seeing my ex-boyfriend at school everyday and waving and smiling at him as he walks by with his new girlfriend kills me. Its like I am not supposed to care. Everyday it just gets worse for me, its like I will never be able to get over him. Keep up with your poems, you are so talented!
I cant believe how incredable this poem is. it definatly relates to me i love it. when my boyfriend broke broke up with me i really had no idea why he broke up with me i really loved him but i guess things happen for a reason. and i needed to understand that life doesnt end right there. i knew that i needed move on with my life. and i knew he had already thought about that because the next week i saw him with another girl. it was hard to not think about it but some how i mannaged to to kinda forget. i am still really trying but i know it will take some time well all i have to say is that thanks to your poem my life went on. thank you have great talent. keep on the good work!
Alittle while ago, my Boyfriend broke up with me. It would have been our one year on Nov. 24. unfortunatly things hit the roof and in a matter of seconds it was over. In the poem it had the part where i saw u talking to another girl, well just yesterday i saw my ex talking to another girl, and all i could do was stare in disbelief, it was the most empty feeling that i have experienced. I miss him so much. I love this poem it really touched me in many ways.
I loved your poem so much and it relates to everything i have been feeling lately. My friends try to help me ,but they are happy with or without their boyfriends none of them have gone through the depression I'm in right now and I just wanted to say that this poem has really helped me to see that other girls go through this to!
This poem touched me in so many ways i cant explain my boyfriend of four months who i was in love with so much just broke up with me. We had plans to stay together forever and ever we had our future all planed out and now its not going to happen. I was so hurt by that i am so depressed now and i stayed in my room for along time and now i think im starting to get back to normal. But i will NEVER stop loving him.
This poem is so amazen! It reminds me of my ex boyfriend Mike. See we have been best friends our whole lives and our Parents are best friends and so we became best friends and over the years we watched each other get hurt and we have laughed and cried and shared everything with each other. Then just one day Mike told me he loved me and well it was like that for a year we were only friends so we thought but everyone around us could see what was about to happen we fell for each other and decided to be together. it was so perfect then one Day I got an email and Mike said it was over no reason no nuttin and 4 the past 8mths he has put me thro hell nad back
I got one word for you wow. This is a great poem. And I can totally relate to it. :)
i was with this guys for four months i never felt like i did with him ever before. i thought that he was the most amazing person until he broke up with me and had sex with some nastey 15 year old girl in a tree house. i have been so torn ever since this happend i miss him so much but i dont want to be back with him i just want someone there for me.
its realy good it kinda true n i really liked it i hope u too + sent it all of ur fwends!
you go girl, you realy know what you are talking about i fell like you realy know how i am felling. i love it
i really like this poem it says a lot about how you feel and it just says a lot. on a scale of ito10 i give it a 11ok by
Baby Girl
I love this poem, I can relate.
i can really relate to this poem. i was in love with the greatest guy and now we are a part and i wonfer what i did. or if i did anything at all. and now i sit back and look how happy he truely is with some other gurl.
I Loved It!
This Poem Was Soo amazing how It explained EVERYTHING i am and will be feeling For a long time. It felt like she took my life story and wrote this just for me. I do cry and want him back, he is with other gurls, I do see him and i know its over, and i JUST WANT HIM BACK! This poem i will definately print and read it at night. Thanks!
Great poem your an awesome writer and gurl believe me i can totally relate to you i miss my boyfriend so much!
Wow your poem is so good. I feel the exact way and didn't think anyone knew. It sucks to have feelings like this I know, though it is helpful to know people feel the way you do or have felt. I wish that the boy i love could read it and understand. Id love to be able to put it in my site. of course though let everyone know it was from you.
this is true about me and my ex-boyfriend I LOVE this poem!
i love this poem so much it remines me of my boyfriend that is gone i think i have voted to this poem before but i can't remember but i love anyway so
well this poem is so sweet i really like it and who ever wrote this keep it up you are very good and i would like to say that remins me of me and my boyfriend i miss him dearly he has me gone for about 5months but iam still with him( with him for about 7 months) well i just wanted to say that i liked your poem
This poem relates so much to me i am very impressed and this is one of te best poems i had ever read.
This poem is so moving. the words are perfect and totally express what the writer is feeling. I deeply loved this poem.
great poem. it is so true.
I really relate to this poem me and my boyfriend broke up 4 months ago I love him with all my heart and I dont know what I did wrong he left me for another girl I gave him everything I had. I would give ANYTHING to have him back. I love this poem. I think you are a great writer. You really have talent!
after i gavee this poem to my ex we got back 2gether. thanx 2 you XOXOX
i love your poem! whatever happened between you two. did u two get back together?
Oh my god i luv ur poem! it amy not relate to me but it does relate to my friend. She went out with a guy she realy liked,but then somehow they broke up.And now she misses him even though he is going out with some other girl n doesn't now how she feels.I'll make sure she reads your poem. :)
To tell you the truth, itz shocking how much thiz poem relatez to me and how i feel about my ex. I still miss him so much, and the funny thing iz, we broke up 8 monthz ago. Keep up the good work, you got talent;-)
i can't even begin to explain how true this poem really is. the same thing has happened with me and my best friend..even though we've been kept apart for so long, it has never, for one second, stopped me from loving him. having to see him everyday is difficult, but i know that i'll treasure the days that i did and that we spent together before when he leaves soon.
I understand this powm sounds so much lik eme that is it scary. I know how it feels to be hurt but over time I know everything will be okay.
Wow, I really related to your poem. My boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago, he didnt really give me reasons. All he said was that our age bothered him. (im 16 he's 18) He also said there was kinda someone else.. i didn't know what to think about it, i was hurt.devestated. But anyway, you're poem was great you are really talented! thanks!
I can't tell you how much this poem means to me. It really expressed my true feelings about my ex-boyfriend who i so truly miss, and who i have to see and pass by everyday. i really do love him a lot, and im not mad at him for ending our relationship, im just upset that it had to end so soon.
I love this poem. I really relate to it. My boyfriend dumped me for another girl but i still have feelings for him.He doesnt understand how i feel and i dont think he ever will.
This poem is great. it reminds me of my exboyfriend, who i broke up with. he now goes out with the person i hate the most, and i want him back. it makes me melt when i read it, and ill always read it and think of him. :(
this poem is very sweet and I will dedicate it to my ex-boyfriend
your poems is the shit you know what im sain i feel the pain
i thought it was great i loved it sooooooooo much thats like the situation imin
it was really good.
Hey, I really did like yor poem. It is sweet and you wrote ths poem from your heart. I really like this poem. i hope you make new ones and inform me about them.
I am experiencing the same thing as this poem. This is definately a great poem.
i really like this poem it is exactly what i am feeling right now
wow this poem is great it describes everything how I feel about the girl i just broke up with
I loved this poem. It's so true. It applies to my life so much it scares me.
This poem is not only really good but true in some cases I am now able to show my feeling to an X in my life.Thanx you for writing this and I hope that you do well in the future ,you are are a gifted writer
no words to describe's just the truth
i love that poem
thatpeom is very nice
i love this poem if just fits the love story of me and a guy
This poem is soo tru becuz i feel the same way about someone!
I understand
it is a excellent poem and the reason so it takes me back to someone that i loved and that i still do, thats in my school and i have no idea why we broke up.
I feel the same way!!!When I read this I cried b-cuz it reminded me of my special ex.
I really liked this poem and it opened up my heart a lot and it was a sweet and it seemed so romantic, thanks bye
i like it
That described the way I felt when the guy I was going out with broke up with me. I still miss him and I'm still in love with him but we won't go back out but at least we have remained friends
This poem expresses everything that I feel about me and my ex-boyfriend James and everything we had together. It's a really good poem.:)
i love it

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