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I'm 14 and in love. I wrote this poem for a friend but realized how much of what I had said was about how I felt for the same guy as her.

A Heart

A heart is not a play thing
A heart is not a toy
But if you want it broken,
Just give it to a boy.

Boys never give their hearts
They play you for a fool
They wait until you give your heart
And then they play it cool

You think that when he whispers
That special someone is you
In his heart he means it
And every word is true

But you had better think
Don't believe his words just yet
For if you do my dearest
Heartbreaks all you'll get.

Don't ever fall in love my friend
You see it doesn't pay
Love it causes broken hearts
It happens every day

Love is beautiful, but it can hurt, it's true.
You'll think you're dying before its through
I can tell you all of this I know
Because I fell for the same guy as you!
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76 Visitor Comments

i love love love dis poem, its exactly how i fell ritee now !
This poem brings back alot of memories of when I got my heart broken. It hurt worse than anything I've ever been through. But I'm over that and I'm glad. This poem is such a big reminder of those days and im glad they are over
this poem is so interesing and touchin
omg! love your poem its awesome its so true i got played once and it sucked awesome poem!
I really like the poem. Ive had alot of heartaches! Love is a wonderful thing but at the same time so painful. Well anyways just thought id tell you that i enjoyed it.
hey i love your poem for real cause ibeen hurt to by this boy and i was so sad it was hard for me to trust a another guy but now this one boy likes me so i hope he is better than the last one cause if not man i dont no what to do and i really like this boy
I love this poem
i really loved your poem! your really good!
this same thing happened to me and im only i wish i dont have to feel the way i feel right now for life.
this is a great poem and it is true
Your poem is absolutely awesome! I love it! Your poem helped me get over my heartbreak thank you for your awesome advice and poem! GREAT JOB!
it was good
that is very true to cuz i fell in love with a guy then he turn around and said he like my sister after i told him i loved him and that is all i got was a broken heart so all yall people that has not fallen in love yet dont tell he tells u or pooves it
This is a great poem! im going threw trhe same thing at the verry moment!
The night is young. Don't give up on your dreams of finding that special someone who can work for you, so you don't have to. Oh cool I just rhymed. I'm a poet too. Well there I go again blabbering on about how I could be something. I just need to find that man so I don't have to worry about it. Do you think I can? YES RHYME NUMBER 2! GO ME GO ME. Oh and don't forget to fly high into the blueberry sky. Bloodwake the hospitable signing off.
I think its a great poem, although, not every guy is like that. Granted, most of them are, but i mean, im a femminist, and i know that i could never hurt someone i loved. My girlfriend and love each other, and i would never ever hurt her.
Hey i realy understand every word you have said in this poem because me and this guy had been dating for a very long time since i was 12 and i am now 15 and we have broke up and went back out so many times that i have lost count but i am pretty sure it is almost 50. but we have recently broke up and he is seeing other people but we still talk on the phone and it hurts me so bad because he talks about them in front of me and i try and i try not to let him think that it dont hurt me but the other day i lost it and we stoped talking for a little while. but now we are talking again i need help getting over him but i just cant. but yes to some it all up love is stupid as hell! please everyone that has not fallin in love dont because it will hurt you each and every day of your life until you find someone else and then it will happen again and again but you just have to live through it day by day. thanx for listening every one love always katrina:(
hey gurl i know what ur talkind about b/c i'm been turn it and that is all a boy does. i like ur poem. Keep it up.
I think this is very true and i right love poems to so i know what you mean.
this poem has helped me thanks x
this was so good i vote for it good job!
I really like this poem because I'm kinda going through a break up myself. I may be heartbroken but I will heal. one day. This poem put things into perspective for me.
i had a boy that i was in love with for about 6 months and he was my first for everything. he pretended to love me for about 2 months when really he didnt anymore. he didnt know how to tell me it was over but when he found out he got me pregnant then he up and left me. so he did play with my heart a whole bunch. he finally dropped it and broke it.
I can't believe a great poem such as this can be written by someone so young. Beautifully written and a lot can be learned from reading this.
Brittany Le Anne
OMG GIRL! I absolutly love it! Keep writting, and don't give up on boys just yet!
i really liked that poem becuase i had my heart broken by a boy that i thought he loved me but he didnt he just played with my heart but now i am over him but he tell's his friend that he is srroy and he didn't mean what he did to me at all
grl you know what you r talking about i know what you r saying i am going threw that right now
I really like this poem, but i have liked it since the first time i heard it which was when i was in the fith grade.
I am voteing for this poem because I have given my heart away several times to a boy and got it played every time. SO I know exactly where you are coming from.
hey that is kinda me too and im with this guy and he is always hurting me making me cry well i really like it and i sent it to a few people to read
i just wanted to say that it was a good poem but i myself have to disagree with you i have a girlfried named shelly and i gave her my heart and dhe gave me hers i would never break her heart or any other girls heart because that is not what i belive in
this poem is way too cool. it's very true. i thought i had the best guy ever but it turns out the same.
I Think that this is a well writen poem. And don't listen to those hater.
jodi ann
this ia good poem
This poem is a good one and it really tells the truth though you think love is great its not the greatest when you get hurt. Ive did it many times one after another and its hard when your addicted but girl youll make it through.
Angel Marie
this poem is so ture. every word is ture. it's really good
you didnt write this poem. i heard this poem when i was a freshman in 1996. that would have made you 8!
hey gurl, this is a great poem
hey that was a really good poem. but i think it wouldve made it better if you really had been the one to write it. ive seen that poem on many other websites, and in books from awhile ago. it says you published it in 1998, but ive seen it books before that. but i give you an A for effort. next time though, i suggest you really do write your own poem istead of going with what someone else wrote. that might work a little better for you.
um. this is on 1 on my email forwards. so obviously u dint write this.
this poem really helped me and my friend get over our heartbreaks. so I think that this is a great poem
Girl, this is the best poem or atleast one of the best I have ever read. It really touch my heat and I almost begin to cry because I can honestly say I can relate. KEEP UP THE GOOD WRITTING!
i understand you have had boy problems i have had many but. one day you will find your true love and you will hate boys no more
this poem, made me rialize that real love never goes away. i went through the same thing, i'm still doing through it
OMG I went through the exact same thing as you!!!~And sadly enough, me and her haven't made up officially yet and it happened 9 months ago. I just wanted to tell you that you're not alone.
Aww, this poem is so cute and it's totally the truth. My friend and I have had some pretty bad experiences with boys and we're always talking about how love is just a game to most of them, this definitely sums up how we feel! It's wonderful, good job!
It was a really good poem! I liked the part where it said that if you want your heart broken, just give it to a boy! That was cool.
i like make me realize so much..
Hey......not all guys are like that.but...I wouldn't blame you for feeling like that about guys.I'm a guy(and I'm not gay)....but i probably understand how you feel about guys.Most guys do the dumbest things to girls but their to tough to say the are'm sorry for everything a huy has ever done to you.....great poem
good poem, i feel ya. but put more heart into it and watch it come out better. believe me, i'm a poet
It's oh so true. and oh so heartbreaking.
I really like this poem because it relates to me so much!
this poem is verry ture.i lke it the same thing just hapend to me a week and to days is the best poem that i ever read about a guys howall they know how to do is break your heart.i will defentley send this poem.
I loved that poem it really tells the truth all you do is get heart broking
I really liked this poem and it really tells the truth
I loved your poem. It is very very very true.And I believe if some females read it they would feel different about their relationships I know I do. Cause my heart has been broken,but now it has healed. And I know not to give it to a boy anymore.
Your poem is exactly how I am feeling right now. I really enjoyed it.
thatwas the best
perfect!!! u did the best !! nice 2 hear u , many thanks
TIGHT TIGHT, i love the ending!
I was really impressed by this poem and really liked it. Most of all the way it ended.
This poem is so true and i love it. I have givin my heart to one specific guy and he took it and broke it like it was nothing. Thanks so much it love this poem
Its funny and true at the same time. Lots of people can read it and say. Yea! Thats right!" Great! Keep up the good work!!!! ;O)
Good poem~True too
This is poem is the truth about having a relationship with a loser guy! If he dumps you and then wants you back after doing wrong SAY NO!
This peom kicks A**!!! I love it!!!
the poem is sooo true it's scary!
This is the best poem I have read in a long time!! It really speaks the truth about teenage boys! I am glad someone had the nerve to say it!
I keep taking this certain guy back and i think i will take your poems advise. He can kiss my a**!
I enjoyed this poem. It really explains about how boys take your heart for granted and then break it.
I really like it. If I ever get dumped, I will be sure to e-mail him this poem.
it waz cool poem
This poem says the truth!!!!!!1
this poem got to me I have a couple of friends that went through the same situation!!!
yea and girls are so innocent ,they'd never break a heart, come on, nice poem though, the comments wound me up tho

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