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This poem is about a girl who wanted to be with a friend of hers but couldn't. She wanted their friendship and more to last forever. When he had to go away she was very hurt and wanted it to be just another lie he told her. She confesses that she will love him no matter what.

A Torn Apart Love

All I wished to have or wanted
Was for us to be together
I didn't care if it was summer,
Spring, fall, or even in the winter.

I knew I could always count on you
To at least be my friend
If something more were to happen
I'd hope you wouldn't let it end.

If for a long period of time
We would have ever had to be apart
I had hoped we could last
On what we had felt in our heart

So when you said you had to go
I had wished it was just another lie
Because I know it now like I always have
My love for you will never die.
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9 Visitor Comments

i lvoe this poem i read poems like these everyday my fiance is movin up to newyork and i cant go . but i will love him forever this peam touched me so much. great job
well hello mandiee, i am mandiee also. n when i read this i was very touched n i thought it was weird because i miss my best friend n this poem is all about me from the heart. isnt that amazing.
Very simply put and very touching.
your poem is exactly happened to my real life
This poem was a very awesome thing that I had just happen to come across. I'm really glad that I had. It describes almost perfectly what I feel in my heart for the guy that I have been in love w/ for almost 6 years. He means the world to me but he is moving almost across the country for college and I won't get to see him for a while. But he will always mean so much to me and we will always be freinds. This poems just means a lot to me and I hope it will to other people also. Thanks!
This was the perfect poem for an old friend....for me. One of my old friend's liked me and I liked him but it never happened. You must have put a lot of effort into this.
I love this poem. I have friend that I have liked for 3 years. I have always wanted to tell him but I just didnt because I always want us to be friends. If I could tell him the way I feel I would give him this poem because it tells him want I cant.
I think that the poem was great. The reason I liked it so much is because I can relate to it. It's simple but also say's alot at the same time.
Hey, this poem best describe how I feel. Way to go!

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