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This is a poem written to let my ex- girl friend know that it was her wanting more from me then I wanted to give her that caused our break up.

The Girl Who Wanted More

You broke my heart
When you believed the lies
Never asking me
I almost cried

But now I'm a stronger man
I'll make it someday, if only I can . . .

If I only could
Forget the past
So I could move on
To let it pass

Our times together brought joy and happiness
But our time apart brought even more sadness

You wanted more
Then I wanted to give
With this emptiness
Our love could no longer live

So now as we are no more than friends,
I wonder if there will ever be more in the end
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11 Visitor Comments

this poem wuz off the fuheze
well you shoulda gave it to her
This is a great poem. It made me think of my 1st love and how it ended so fast cause he wanted more than what we had!
heck of a poem, i am standing in those same shoes with the same thoughts thanks for writing it
Hey I really liked your poem it was very touching in many ways, thats kinda what i'm going threw my boyfriend left for Korea and he's not back till august and i just found out right after he left that i'm pregnet with his kid and he doesn't want me to have it because he's not here to be loving me. so i wrote a poem about that and i sent it in so look for it it's called sorrow's left behind thanx for listening
i loved it . My ex-boyfriend sames like that girl cause he wouldn't more and i try to give and it didn't work so right now we are friends and he wants to date during the summer , but who knows.
Hey, I like your poem. It was good. I hope everything works out for you. Man, Keep up the good work on writing poems! Good Luck
oh man i mean the poem is good you have a lot of skills. i let my boyfriend go and he probably feels the same way you do. im sorry your x hurt you the way she did. she's out there somewhere!. awsome.
This is a great poem even though it doesn't really fit my situation. It really caught my eye the first few lines and I kept reading to see only that it's a poem that I really enjoy.
Hey i think that this is a great poem!Keep up the good work!

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