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I'd been in love with this guy for almost 2 years when a friend of mine started dating him. Well she went away for a week and me and him had the best time together . . . this is about what happened and what I told her when she returned and found out.

First Yours, Now Mine

There is just one saying
That could describe what happened.
When the cat's away,
The mice will play . . .

Well, you were the cat
And we were the mice
You left us alone
Now you pay the price.
You knew that I loved him
And I'd do anything I could do
Just to take him away with me
And far away from you.
I made the mistake of loving him
But I do with all my heart
I've loved him longer that you've had him
And I'll be happy when you part.
But you made a mistake
You left him with me
And during that week
My love I made him see.
I'll admit that I love him
And he says he loved me to
So just leave us to be
There is nothing you can do.
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21 Visitor Comments

i like how u put about the cat and mouse thing. it really hooked me . haha n i like how u make it like, if u want something, u need to have it . i just love that poem . keep up the good work! -tina
A very wicked poem. This has once happened to me but I ended up asking sorry to my friend. In the end, we both left the guy and realize that our friendship was more important.
I like totally love this poem! It is totally true!
i loved this poem it is like something that happen to me only i was in you shoes i had a crush one this one boi name dominic then my friend marlesha started to go out with him (she didnt know i had a crush on him) she would always come to my house to see him thats how me and him started talkin then he asked me to break them up cuz he didnt like her no more so i did then we stayed friends we talked on the phone and he finally admited that he had a crush on before he was with my friend then we got together and we been through very hard times but i sorry for what i did to my friend but not sorry to be with him we been together for 11 happy months sorry so long
I liked that poem a lot. It showed there is always another side if the coin, another point of view. Very awesome.
I love it. it's evil, yet perfect and I am in that same situation now. Good job!
Gurl, that poem was off the hook! I understand exactly where your coming from.the same thing happened to me.
This has never happened to me at all but this poem is shibby. I love it. To bad for that other girl ah? All's fair in love and war
This is an awesome poem. It explains what just happened in my life! If you have any more poetry that isn't published will u please email it to me? It would be greatly appreciated!
I thought this poem really good but if she was your friend and she knew you loved him how is she going to go out with him that's just wrong i hope you get your guy and your friend leaves you alone! i give this a 100+
This was a good poem
I think that this poem is really good, it really reminds me of myself.
this poem reminds me of a simualar situation of mine, took the thoughts right out of my head
very true and smooth it's pleasing to read it
I thought that that poem that I just read was true in a way but also mean in another way. Sure that girl likes him and I was in the same situation but I guess it was easier because that girl really liked him but he told me that he liked me. I didn't think anything else of it but later on I finally found out that my love for him was true and that we were meant to be and that we belonged together. Now before all of this happened my friend was talking crap about me and I didn't appreciate it so I went up to that girl and told her that was all messed up and if she wants to take our friendship as a joke then fine but she does not have the right to waste my time. After that my bro wanted to hook me up with someone and then she hooked me up with him and now we are going out but my friendship with that girl is over.
i thnk that that is tuching to my hert
I liked it although I would like to know how your friend took the news that you 2 where 2gether..But I LOVED IT
i thought the poem was so true i've been there myself
Thiswas very original.
i can relate to this poem very much, and i love it!!!!! great writing!!!
This was a great poem that expressed every girls nightmere. It was a good poem with many feelings. All together it was a great poem.

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