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My name is Christy, I am from North Carolina, and I am 15. Being in the 10th grade is kinda hard, but It's fun. I was going through a lot of hard times when I finally met this really great guy. His name is Everett. He has helped me a lot, and I owe a lot to him. Even though I am only 15, I know we will be together forever! I Love Him, and I wrote this poem for him!

Then You Know

Have you ever loved someone so much
You'd wait for eternity to be with them and
each day that feeling gets stronger?
Then you know how I feel

Have you ever hurt so much it felt good?
From missing the one you love?
Then you know how I feel

Have you ever known you would be
with someone forever, until
The seas turn dry and the rocks melt from the sun?
Then you know how I feel

Have you ever had the feelings of
Happiness, excitement, and security
All at once, and it never goes away?
Then you know how I feel

Have you ever thought there was no match?
You were to be alone, To dream of a love so great . . .
And then you get it?
Then you know How I feel

Do You Feel It? Have you Felt it?
Words can't explain it, a fire burns within you,
and lasts for all time?
Then you know How I feel

There may be sacrifices,
but I'm willing to give up even more,
But only if . . .
You will return them

Then . . . You will know How I feel!
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28 Visitor Comments

wow. yea i know exactly how it feels. im christi and i know exactly how it feels i lived on cloud 9 with this guy for almost a year but it didnt turn out like i thought it would. i hope your love turns out better and i pray that you never deal with the pain and suffering and heartbreak that i went through. good luck as you travel on this winding rollercoaster in life that we call love.
this poem took the words that i couldnt say out of my mouth and on to paper,, it was great
hey I think you have a really strong and sensitive heart but sometimes that is good, i know a guy named everett he was my ex-boyfriend from milwaukee. well wonderful poem keep up the good work. p. s. dont give up keep trying
i am in love with someone who cares about me but does not know how to deal with her feelings. And she is worth waiting for because she is everything that I ever wanted in someone
Wow that poem was amazing. I also have a boyfriend whose name is Everett and I could completely relate to that poem. That was a really good poem!
I understand exactly where you're coming from. I remember putting my biggest teddy bear in the bed with me and hugging it all night, picturing it was the love of my life. Very good poem and don't hesitate to write or type another!
I can tell that your poem is from the heart. If we had more people in this world that could express their feelings on paper as well as you do. Do you know what a better place this would be. Not only can a person write about love they could write about pain hurt and sorrow. There would be less fighting going on. Well I think so. You will become a very good writer someday. Well you already are but you could make a living off of your writings. Keep your feelings on paper like you do. They'er very very good.
raise up North carolina. i live in NC also. other than that i loved ur poem, it describes my exact feeling for my bf. good job!
i know how you feel
***Christy I think you have talent. Reading this sweet poem touched my heart. That's exactly what I was looking for, to send to my hunny. Keep up the good work. ***
i really did not know that anyone knew how i feel. It sometimes feels tupid to feel that way, being the only person who does, but what I have just read lets me know that Im not
i know exactly how you feel
I must have read one hundred poems off of this site and this one really touched me. Yes I have been throught this situation before about a year ago. Ive gotten over it and found someone so much better that treats me right and if you wrote this poem frome a personal experience, I know how you feel and it will take time to heal but it will. (trust me)
I know exactly how you feel sweetie!
this is probably one of the most meaninful poems i have ever read i have read about every poem on this site and never have i given them a compliment fabulous poem you have touched me
I think your poem is soo sweet and is a really good poem, thats exactly how i feel about this one guy jake, i luv him w/ all my heart, u diffently have talent keep on makin poems!
This poem explains exactly how I feel about this girl. She is my best friend and she is also my next door neighbor. I would do anything for her because I love her so much.but she just doesn't know how much I love her, so I'm going to send her this poem and let her read it because it can it can explain myself to her better than I can..thanx
Damn gurl, i lovee your poem, it hit me in the heart because my b/f name is Everett also, and the words are so write, and every thing you said is sooo true, i know what you mean, keep up the good work
An amazing poem. I am making a scrapbook for my boyfriend with pictures of us together and my poems and ones by other writers that tell him how I feel and I would love to use yours. It is perfect.
That was a great poem and it really helped me with this boy that I have liked for a long time. It also was a great poem because there is someone out there that knows how I feel right now and I feel very secure.
I thought this was a really great poem I write poems myself and this one is alot better than what mine is. Good Job!
it's a fantastic poem for someone your age especially!
I think this poems is wonderful I feel the same way about my boyfriend but anyway that is a different story this poems needs to be in books all over the world
i'm not good with words so this poem tells everything that i wanted to say Thank you
i think this poem is awesome i know how u feel im in love with my man to. we will be together 4ever*
I loved this poem, it was the perfect words to explain what I feel about this guy. Great Work!!
I think this one is the best Christy, keep them coming!
Now we are 18 Christy, and I LOVE YOU TOO!! Even more so now, you are great! 3 years ago we got together, and these words are still true!

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