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This poem was written from my heart. I wrote it because my boyfriend and I are going through hard times and I wanted him to know my feelings and what I wanted things to change. I also wrote this poem because expressing feelings in poetry is so much easier than just saying what you feel in a simple way. I hope that he will read this poem . . . and things between us will get better.


I wait by the phone everyday
But you never call
I get ready to go somewhere
But you never show up
I tell you important things
But you never listen
I say I love you
But you never answer
I write you mail
But you never respond
I ask if you love me, I ask if you care
But you never pay attention to me.

You make me feel all alone.
You make me feel unloved.
You make me feel like no one cares and no one ever will
How can you do that to someone you are supposed to love?
How can someone so sweet be so cruel?
How can I hate so many things you do but still love you so much?
Those are questions that will go unanswered forever
Because I can ask and ask but you will never respond.
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37 Visitor Comments

I LOVE THIS. this is so beautiful keep it up!
I really liked this poem becuz it reminds me of wat my bf does
that was good i feeled that way about someone but we never went out weird huh
i really relate to this poem because right now me and my boyfriend are drifting apart. and it kills me. he too doesnt say i love you back anymore. i dont kno wat to do but ur poem helped me to deal. keep writting. your words will probably touch others as they have touched me. all my love, kadie
wow. i can really relate to that poem. thats sooo good. i hope who ever wrote that poem is alright now and have people around them that care.
I loved your poem. I am going through the same thing right now. I love him so much and am scared to dump him for stupid things like your poem said. Well anyways I hope everything works out for you. Jazz
lil V
YO thIs Is REaL! I weNt thROUh It OnCE but I fINaLLly FOUNd SOmeOne THat LOvES mE thE saMe WAy I loVe thEM anD wILL aNsWER mY qUesTIoNS!?!
i loved this poem it was good
This was a vary vary nice poem, i'm only 13 so i don't really realate to it yet, but it makes me wounder about many things and choices and for that i thank you, cause it really touch me, you are a special person!Keep up the good work!
Hey I know how you feel. I hate it so much too! Thanks for your poem. It's great!
nice poem. i went through something like that too. i still love him and waiting for him to notice how much i do.
this poem is the truth it happens to me all the time with my boyfriend and i underestand what you are going thru it is very hard but sometime we don't understand why people don't care and simply makes is be sad but is ok! love is just next to us
wow, that is a great poem and it's so sad. i feel ur pain. good job
hey wud up???i do like this poem it reminds me of what i felt like when i was with my ex it was so painful that i cared so much about him an he didnt. then we grow apart an he said there was to much dramma in my life an he could not be with me well i understan were your comen from.
i loved your poem it really touched me i feel what you went through i went through it too. :-(
I really like your poem it soounds like me alot
this is a really gr8 poem! i went through the same thing. i would ask my boyfriend questions and sit there and never get a response. keep up with the gr8 poems!
Hmm. I Love this poem. it's really great & wonderfull.
This poem is dope, everyone can relate to it, we all go through it, but just remember things will get better. eventually!
I loved your poem i went threw the same thing that you went threw. NEVER did i get an answer when i asked a question! it hurt so bad to know that he didnt care. i had to somehow get over him. it took time!
I love that peom. im going through the same thing. and its everything i wanna say. But if i do i am scared of loosing him. but thanks for that peom. It meant alot to read it. I hope it works out for you
I can really relate to this poem i am going through so much right now because of this one certain person and if you see this you know who you are and i hope you are happy and why dont you just laugh at everthing like you always do. this poem is very good keep up the good work i really love it!
this is exactly like my ex boyfriend he told me he loved me but never understood why
Omg this is so good, I had this experience once or twice be4. please tell me you two broke up, or that he at least apoligized.
I love your poem. It is exactly like my ex and i. he never listened to me. and when he did he didn't understand why i was mad.
this is a great poem im going through that right now with my bf and i ask myself the same questions.
OOooOOh.... Really really so nice,cute & coming from ur reall heart ... u know it's happend to me 1 time & I'm going to use it .. (If Iu don't mind )... Thank u thank u
This poem says everything about my relationship i have wit this guy He says he loves me it seems like he dont care This poem was very good
Amy I know how you feel there is a boy in my life that makes me feel the same. It seems he leaves me when I need him the most,I feel torninside it feels he leaves me nothing but lost inside him . I thought your poem was really wonderful and it was nice to find some one that feels the same. Amber
this poem is one of the best poems i ever read. this really reminds me of my ex boyfriend. i thank you for writting some thing that relates to my life,
An amazing poem of words so very true. I have felt that way many times as have others I am sure.
I like your poem I think is so true, i know some boys are like that but if you think you dont feel happy with him you should tell him the words
Intense emotions involved in writing this piece.
your poem is so true in me and my x-boyfriends case.we still tell eachother that we love eachother.but sometimes he acts kind of shady.he doesn't return calls,when i ask him how he feels about me he doesn't answer,he never returns love letters that i write to him,even though he tells me that he was feeling the letter
This is a great poem. It describes me and my ex-boyfriend, Whitney, so well. In the begining everything was great but then he never would listen or pay attention to anything i say.

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