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Written for one I deeply love and respect, mon cher ami, it is the wish to call to her from across all boundaries.

On The Wing Comes Morning

A million ambassadors of morning
weave and dip; come time, on
haste, spread the wings of life.

I throw open the Window to the sun;
wondrous, answer my questions; I
beckon to you from across the azure field.

Beyond time we stand,
hand in hand together;
Your palm is cool against mine.

To your face my objections denied
melt cool before your fiery gaze
let me die a contented day.

Across the morning I call to you,
Willowy whites float lazily about,
a dream unto a dream is reality.

As I take you by the hand
promise with me that you'll stand
Our eyes to the sky, Our love to the end.
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13 Visitor Comments

hey. i feel that way bout my fiance. he means everything to me. and i wish i could do that as well and have him actualy come. ur good at writing and it really did touch my heart. keep up the good work and im sure ull go all the way with ur poetry!
I came upon this poem by accident, but I'm so glad I did. It's very beautiful and well written. I'm very impressed by it.
I'm glad your poem didn't was extremely eloquent and very well written. Good job!!!
This poem was amazing I must hunt the author down. (For being a better author than me) Anywhom, GREAT work.and keep it up.
your poem is really lovely I liked it alot
I thought the poem was very profound. The beautiful language used by the author moved me. :o)
this poem is very nice. it has something
This poem is remarkable. So heart felt and loving. He must really love this girl and it shows. "On the Wings Coes Morning" helps me to se what I've been going through witht he relationship I'm in right now. A beautiful poem
The fluidity of your wrords, the elequence of your vocabulary, a number of things colliding together made this poem in my opinion the best one.
I think that this poem is very delightful. I enjoyed reading it, and hope that everyone else likes it, as much as I did.
Wow dude, I don't normally don't like poetry and other stuff like this.but it really meant something, of course no one knows why but just say teen love
it is a really AWESOME poem

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