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Many times as young people we find a person we love so deeply, but is not ready to love us back. It is one of life's many lessons but yet one of the hardest to learn.

Trying to overcome these relationships is often a long and very painful process. But it can be done with support and love from friends and family. To every teen out there who has been through this type of situation...

My Fight

Lonely nights spent thinking of the lies
and reasons why you left
Trying to regain the piece of me you kept
Not understanding why you lied
Wondering if it might have worked
if we had just tried
Trying to fight off this melancholy state
Wanting to wash away all of my heart's hate
Fighting back tears once again
Looking only for an escape from this pain
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27 Visitor Comments

i love this poem it made me cry beacause im in 5th grade and my boyfriend told my that he was playing that is the 2 boyfriend i have had
This is a great poem it makes me relizie how cruel people can be
i love this poem. is realy touching. is poem telling about the pain of the person in the love life. she in the true love so she or he feel the pain
this was a grat poem it is so true!
I cant believe that any one could feel this way, i was feeling exactly the same way just as i read your poem. Thank you
I really like the poem something I can relate to.
this poem reminds me of something that happened to me and when i read i just want to cry its so sad but its a really good poem i would rate this poem a high 9 i luv it!
hey! i really liked your poem. bc right now me n my boyfreind r in an argument'. n that poem juz took me away' n it touched my heart every bit of the way! i'd give this poem A 10 or ABOVE
hey sweet dreamer your poem is very touching and i feel as if u knew just what i wanted to say. In your poem i found the words i was looking for. THANX!
This poem explains exactly how I feel for my ex-boyfriend. I still love him so much
COOL! Me and my boyfriend always got in a fight because he thought I cheated on him.
your poem is so real. i feal just like that and it hurts to know you care so much about someone and they don't feel the same. nice job on the poem.
My heart is touched so deeply with this poem. It reminds me of how I feel about my ex.
My heart is touched so deeply with this poem. It reminds me of how I feel about my ex.
I connected so much with this poem. Our circumstances may be different but it related with my own feelings.
i thought that this poem was so good. i know how you feel because i am still fighting the pain that i have over losing my ex-boyfriend. he was my first love and now he is gone.
I really like this poem, because I can relate to it. I know what it feels like to cry myself to sleep. And i know what it's like to feel a pain of that sort. The way you worded it was really nice to. It went over and abouve just stating your feelings. Thanx for letting me know that I'm not the only one.
Cool, Sweet Dreamer! I like it. The poem is so sincere. Nice epilogue,too.
This peom means the world to me THANK YOU!
I love how the poem is short and straight to the point. This poem also holds deep meaning for me. I hope Sweet Dreamer keeps writing.
ilove just love it!
I thought the poem was deeply felt by the author and could feel their pain while reading. I enjoyed the poem very much. Thank you.
This makes me think of my boyfriend when he breck up with me for the frist time
This poem really touched my heart!
I really like this poem. It expresses the way I feel for someone that I love so much. Thanks.
I know that feeling all to well

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