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Why can't you sleep? This is why I can't.


3 'o'clock
Why can't I sleep?
I toss and turn, I sing I read
Why can't I stop worrying?
Those sheep don't work
And the house to quiet
I light my candles and silently sit.
My feet are frozen
My lips are dry
I think of you
And tears fall from my eyes
The dark room holds my fears
Like a mother holds her child
I crawl back in bed
And curl up in a ball
I am exhausted
But for some reason
I can not sleep at ALL!
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32 Visitor Comments

this poem described exactly what i was going throuh about a month ago. evn tho i found myself exausted i couldnt fall asleep and it was all because of a guy.
i love this poem its so true it happens to me quit often, i really liked it.
When u thinking of yo boyfriend like that u cant help but to be awake like that, I loved this poem!
gurl that poem is tite it really grabs the attention of the reader keep on doin wat ya do
I had a girl friend to, that must have read this to me. I Loved it. I always had a spare blanket or two, so she would not freeze too. I think of you, and this poem to, while listening to, "A Mix for You".
Very nice. i could relate to that. very nice! That happens to me a lot. cuz i stop thinkin bout my baby marcus!
This poem perfectly describes a current situation for me (and for millions of others, I'm sure). I also like how it can be ambiguous; I'm guessing for you it was about a boy (or girl!) since it was in the love category, but it can also be about anybody.
It happens to me so its then expresses out all the feelings I have towards him. I have a big crush on him and every night when I tried to fall asleep, his face appears and I just could not go back to sleep. It resulted to pain and it made me cry. So, this poem is my favourite.
I think that the poem was wonderful! From 1 being the worst and 10 being very good I would rate it a 9.
Omg i love this poem. This happens to me all the time with my boyfriend. He told me that he thinks of me late at night also.
I Have A sixteen year old daughter that has been telling me fo awhile she can not sleep. We have talked alot about this without her telling me she is in love, I have been trying to tell her that alot of girls her age go through this, even me, some years ago. I am really glad I read your poem. Thank you
This poem is sweet. It reminds me of my sleepless nights and when I am thinking about my boyfriend.
I just wrote a poem today that had a part about being exhausted from lack of sleep from love. I know exactly how you feel. Great poem.
Wow this poem really hit home for me. Every night I have a problem going to sleep because I think of me how much I hurt my first love and my self. By breakin up with him. I think you will always love your first love like I love mine and always will.
this poem really touched me bcause my one and only love is leaving july 18 and he will be gone for five months, and i will be sitting up every night wishing i was with him , thank you for your wonderful poem
I loved it! Just last night i was acting like this thinking about someone. Awesomw!
Yea, I love this poem 'cause it's something everyone has done once in a while. good job!
i totally understand how u feel KEEP WRITING
I loved it it was amazign Megan you really do have a true talent. !. Keep writing I love it. !. It relates to me in so many ways and it's great to know that there is someone out there just like me and I'm not alone in the world
I love it. So very true about insomnia, love, or disease? You took the words straight from my mind.
This poem is great! I love it. It is soo true to me. I honestly love it!
It's just brill.I loved the room and mother holding bit.It's so true aswell, however tired, and however much you need to sleep.LOVE takes over!It was so me!Great poem!
It is very good. this poemso good that when I read it for the first time I feel like, I feel like I was that person it was so good
wonderfully written and so very true
Last night I was up until 4:00, I hadn't talked to my boyfriend that day. Then I read that poem and I realized that might be why. I thought it was an awesome poem!
Nice poem, i think of a girl i like, i cant sleep or think straight at all, i just think about her, but i cant sleep
You know something, it is better to feel something that nothing at all. I felt once too, no more, to many bad memories - now it has destroyed me.
I loved it Megan.
your poem was very well- written and i feel the same way some nights. thank you for putting it into words.
I can completely relate to this poem. It is all too true. When ones heart in consumed by hurt, the mind can not calm itself. When the mind is not at rest, the body can not be either. A viscious, but ever present cycle. Excellent description of what most can not put into words
Wow! This poem was totally awsome! I loved it so much!!!
this roxs. i know how it is. PcE out YO.

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