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This poem is about a guy who touched my heart and soul. He was the one. It was a long- distance relationship, and he couldn't handle that.

Now he is with someone new, and I'm still dealing with the recovering process.

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I look to my fingers to write out some wisdom,
I look up above to try and read the Kingdom,
I look all around, in and out, even crawl through to see,
But all I can find is there are no answers for me.

Hesitant at first to admit my feelings inside,
But as time went on, I could no longer hide.
I fell, and fell hard, and had not one regret,
When my heart found love, my mind was set.

You, you were wonderful, too good to be true,
That saying is valid, for I no longer have you.
You came and went, leaving me alone
And now I'm recovering in the place from which I was thrown.

I know more now than when first I came,
What I know now is my feelings are not the same.
So mixed up and jumbled; never making sense
The only thing clear is life is no white picket fence.

I miss falling into you, knowing that you're there,
But now I know that's with somebody else you share.
I won't ask questions because silence will follow,
But I just want to know how much longer my heart will be hollow.
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73 Visitor Comments

that was beautiful it described my last relationship to the "T"
i love this peom and i know how it feel because ive been trough with a long distance relation ship and it aint work out
this poem is very interesting its really touching it really does remind me of what i'm going thourgh at this moment in time & that's exactly i mean exaxtly how i feel about that special person (keep up the good work. write another one like it's really good oh yes i know how hard it is to write a poem cuz i write poems too but you can do it)
your poem was so true. right now im facing the same situation and it really hurts. i have been head over heels for this guy and i still am. your poem is so pure and enjoyable. i love it!
Love the poem. It remined me of my first crush Zaid. He was a greate guy but why did he had to leave town and school. We dont know why the good guys leave and the bad guys stay around. I'm still in love with him but i never told him hi and goodbye when he left me in school. His b-day is June 23, mine is June 24 of the year 1988. Keep up the good work yo.
it touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye it was so well wrote and very understanding to all people who go through heart breaks
it is a beatiful poem keep writing
GR8 poem these words made me feel myself more with its expression that am now feeling but unable to tell.
True, so very true.
WOW. this is an amazing poem. i know how you feel i once fell in love with someone long distance too. and love is a big word but i know thats that it is. he's now with another girl. we still talk like everythings ok, but deep down inside. i know its not. well for me at least. this poem is awsome. keep up the great work!
wow! nce poem. , i have experience long distance relationsip to thatz why i can relate. i really love it. salute to all poets outder!
i think is a very nice poem it makes me think about a similar situation that i"m going through
that was a great poem I really like that I feel about a girl.
This poem reminded me of my first love and things that went on I thank you for a wonderful poem you have written.
I can REALLY relate to this poem (Although I'm a guy)! I loved it and would vote more than once for it if I could!
this was up
i love this poem keep writting and dont give up, i love this poem because i'd just went through a relationship just like that. And i broke up with him because he didnt like my silence and i didnt like the way he kepted getting an attitude with me so, i broke up with him and now hes beggin like a baby.
this poem made me cry in the middle of a study session at the boarding school i go to and everyone is staring at me. it is the best poem i've ever read, i write poems but not as good as that. it made me cry because today my boyfiend called and told me he couldnt handle me being here so he was dumping me and now he is going out with a new chick. but any way good poem keep up the great work!
Thats was one of the best poems. i just went thrue a bakeup which was also a long distance relationship and he is now talking to his X-girlfriend again. and this poem really fit the peace for how i feel. i LOVED IT!
i loved the poem it was heart warning it was sad oh but so true, all i can say is i feel you
This was amazing. I connected to it also. Good Job
I've been in love before and gotten hurt, its not good at all. this poem explains exactly how true love is. sometimes it doesnt make sense or have any answers. just make the best out of what you've got:)
i don't know why but i just liked it. it was so sad and it made me want to almost cry.
im crying, that poem is so true. um. i dunno what to say but good. it tells me how i feel.
I had a boyfriend that was long distance rlationship and he broke up with me cuz of the same reason so i know exactly how you feel.
I think this poem is exactly how i felt when my ex and me broke up hollow and broken is what my heart felt.
this was very touching it made a tear in my eye. it makes my wonder hwo it is that you came to these feelings because i can almost feel the same jsut by reading it. great use of words. i say a 8. 5 out of 10
This is by far 1 of the best poems that Ive ever had the joy of reading. Thanks 2 whoever wrote it.
WOW! this poem expressed alot of what i wa jus going through not too long ago. There is still pain, but I take day by day. Just from reading your poem it had helped some more. THNX
I know how u feel. My heart is hallow after saying good bye to the one i love and it will hurt for a long time. and u showed me just to move down the path of happiness. thank u tons red
oh wow, all i can say is GREAT poem, relates to me so much,thanks
I LOVE it. This poem made me think a lot. Thank you, it made things a lot clearer. And i'm sorry about your boyfriend. Once again thank you.
wow. this poem is awesome. im really sorry about what happened to you. my bf whom i love soo much might be moving away because of a job offer his mom recieved. i know how heartbroken i would be, because in my mind and heart he is mine, and i would die if i lost him. it helps to know there are alot of teenagers feeling the same way.
I like this poem because I was in a long-distance relationship for 2 years, off and on. Last Christmas I got a promise ring. and our plans were to get engaged this Christmas. Out of no-where, I get a phone call informing me that he "loved me but was not IN love with me". I cannot begin to explain how much that hurt, and without any answers, I couldn't start the healing process. This poem describes how I feel exactly. Great job, Cara. (Ironically thats my name too!) I give it twenty stars and 2 thumbs up!
this poem was great i could relate with it because i am goin thought the same thing and it really touched me keep up the good work and there is a guy out there for you and even me!
I've been searching for the words to say to this boy that I've just fallen back in love with and when i read your poem i found exactly what i wanted to say thank u so much for saying it for me! Fantastic poem!
i love this poem! it reminds me of my ex. b\f and i. we didn't live far away from eachother. but still we went to separate schools. we were together for the longest time almost a year. this poem is very important to me. it makes me releved i'm not the only one dreaming about my ex. from time to time.
i think that this poem is the best. I can relate. Even though i don't like the bad memories that this poem brings to me it also shows me the goods we shared too. I LOVE THIS POEM
This happened to me too. I had a boyfriend that lived far away and we were together for quite a while and even through the distance he was always there for me. He was my first love. Unfortunately he couldn't handle the distance after a while and he got with someone else, that broke my heart. He ended up breaking up with her and said that he never stopped loving me and i still love him. Lately he's really withdrawn though. Oh well enough about my life. lol. i just wanted to say ur poem really touched me. Keep writing.
this peom is cool and i showed all my freinds and told them about this site and that you wright good peoms
I love this poem and I went through the same thing for over a year. I can't believe it. And then he came back. only for me to find that he was leaving again. A Heartbreaker. Yes But I am still trying to more on. This poem touched my heart and I feel you on this one
i love your poem thats the way i feel about me and my ex
this poem was tight
this poem has brought tears to my eyes,i,m going thru a situation like this right now. keep up the great work!
i love that poem it explains the things that i am going through now !
i just wanted to say that this is one of the most touching poems ive ever read. i feel touched because that is what happend to me. "its a beautifull and touching poem"
your poem reached inside me a read what i was thinking
Hey, that was a really good poem and it explains excatly how i feel. Me and my boyfriend were log distance about 45min away and after 11months he couldn't handle it anymore and he broke up with and now is going out with someone new. That poem really touched me, it was REALLY good.
this is one of the best poems i have ever read. and the funny thing abolut it is that just happened to me. i lost two of the best people in my life. my grandpa and my love, mallory. and this poem helped me out the very first time i read it. so thank you and continue the good work.
this is such a cool poem i loved it keep the poetry going
this poem you wrote is very good. you know i thought i was the only one in this world who was going through this now i see that im not. wish you and everyone going through this pain and situation luck. thanks again
oh that poem was so sad, but I must say that it is very true. but in the time of pain there will always be a silver liining in your dark cloud so keep up the hope
This poem is real cool and i understand my g/f broke up with me cause she didnt get to see me often but i love her
I thought this was a really great poem. Iam going through the same thing and it really hurts. This particular guy is my 1st true love and know it's all over, just because it was long distant
This poem is tight. It is so deep. It explains so many details about a love that wont love back anymore or that wont feel anything for you again. Also, it leaves you wondering if you will ever be whole again.
this poem is so true! i lost someone i loved i couldn't do anything about it!
Thsi poem is great. I felt like this. But I got back together with my baby. Me and him are great together. We learned that love can go. But it has to cxome back. It will come back sooner or later and it'll be way between then the one before.
I loved the poem it fits with this guy casey who i am trying to snag but i'm to scared to start over again with love.
thanks 4 this poem i was crying because of it it just reminded me of my ex dale we live so far away, we had 2 split up i really did love him
I don't know what to say your poem is deep! Your poem is beautiful! Your poem reminds me so much of my situation! Keep writing your poems, your poem touched me and i feel it will touch alot more people in the future! Hope everything works out for you! Everything happens for a reason! Good luck in the fuure!
Wow! this poem hit hard. A guy I knew four years ago came home(here) for the summer, we hooked up things happened and made a promise to make things work out. The week after he left we talked on the phone. I attempted to send a letter but the letter was returned, We never offically broke it off, but because we aren't talking I consider it over. In my mind I wanna know why? I'm gunna send him this poem. It tells exactly how things happened
This is truelly a beautiful poem, it is put together with so much feeling. I can understand were you are coming from, I'm at that stage myself. We can all relate to this poem and feelings because we have all been there at one point or another. Keep up the excellent work!
This was definitely great poem.absolutely touching
WOW! I am in the exact situation and know exactly how you feel. Even though it has been a long time i still find it hard to move on. He ripped my heart out when he told me he had feelings for someone else. I tried my best to write a good poem like this, but i must say mine is nothing like yours.. I really do love it..and its good to know i am not the only person out there who is in the same situation. GREAT POEM!
best poem i've read in a long time
your poem really talks to people going through exactly what you did. Keep writing things will get better, they always do.
I enjoyed reading your poem very much, what you say is so true. im 16 and love to wrte poems ans liked yours very much! :)
It is a very nice poem. And know how it feels like to lose someone you really love. But i met someone new.You will to find love again. Good luck. lovies karen
this poem that i read...i feel the same way right ex broke up with me and she is with someone else...i still dont know hwy she did it...i live in wisconsin and she in florida..i moved here and had to go away from parents made me.. she said she would love me forever..but that oviously didnt heppen... it hurt me so bad..i wanted to die..the love of my life had gone out of my life...when i read your poem i knew i wasnt the only one that this has happend to...i loved your poem...and i thankyou for writing it...

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