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In the words of a wonderful lyricist, "SUNSHINE on my shoulders makes me happy". I happen to have discovered a truly wonderful place where the sun is always shining, and I'd like to share it here with you.

Above The Clouds

Vast skies of slate exuding summer rain -
Urban insanity's precipitance.
Cascading droplets splatter 'cross my pain
In turbulent ascent of inclemence.
One backward glance - the coastline beckons me
With waves of blustering turbidity.

Thence bursting forth - a glorious world anew,
No inkling of earth's bustling life below.
With endless sun and serene skies of blue -
A surreal land of freshly fallen snow.
This pristine quilt of tufted white terrain
Could be a fantasy - I can't ex-plane.

Enchanting tundra dappled magic'ly -
Majestic snows defy warm solar rays.
Fluffed firmament succumbs to icy sea
Then curves as one horizon's gentle haze.
My flight in Friendly Skies seems motionless
Aloft an insular unworldliness.

As earthly torrents wane and storms disband,
Capacious cotton chasms - deftly spun,
And batted billows "at attention" stand -
While cirrus soldiers march in unison.
Great Lakes reflect the casts of shadowed clouds
Like giant footprints under puffy shrouds.

A glimpse along an alabaster sheath
The hesitant, once Great Divide's small peek
Stands sentinel for purities beneath,
Where lies the unscathed world we seek.
Descent through misty white opacity,
Mankind's block signature peers back at me.

My brief sojourn; 'twas aerial delight.
I'll soar within those azure skies again.
For though I must return from Nature's high't,
I'll know when tempests brew and doldrums reign,
On seemingly a melancholy day -
Eternal Sunshine's just a cloud away.
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