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Loons are very elegant birds, and quite whimsically unique as well. They sing songs of laughter during the warm seasons, yet remain silent through the winter months.

Their melodious song, when they choose to sing, has a hauntingly mysterious echoing sound that clearly distinguishes them from other birds. They truly seem to be laughing aloud. Seeing them in the wild is an experience everyone should enjoy from time to time.

The Laughter Of The Loon

The secrets of remote lagoon
From morning's blush of dawn,
Till rise of eve's nocturnal moon
Sung by her eerie song.

Such wonderment from wint'ry surd,
Soliloquy's mere tune.
Grand jubilance in summer's heard -
Uncommon sounds the loon.

Bespeckled pinions, grace in flight,
Resplendent is her plume.
Bemusing splash to see her light
Cavort about the flume.

Her serenade's a proud regale,
A songbird so unique.
How wondrous her falsetto wail
Reechoing mystique.

I'll not divulge the secret song
Of this remote lagoon.
I'd rather hearken years along
The laughter of the loon.

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7 Visitor Comments

in a scale of one to ten its a nine Good job and I love it.
excellent poem . it is very very romantic and beautiful poem all the best for ur next poems
Dis iz da bomb diggity poem! ow not even itz stink! newzealand stylez 4 lyf
I really enjoyed this poem. I'm not familiar with loons, but was reminded of a blue heron that holds forth in a place caled the Olalla Lagoon (Olalla, Washington). A beautiful place with a beautiful bird. Sincerely, Bruce Beardsley
I thought your writing was and very eloquent and fluent. I truly captures the beauty of words as well as the Father's creation. Thank you it was quite amazing.
Beautiful, and perfect! This poem is a treasure. Though I have never heard a Loon, I now have its sound in my imagination, and it's wonderfull!
Nancy really caught my imagination and visualization with her poem. I would enjoy reading more of her work. Wonderful, colorful language and articulate ! Please keep writing

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